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  • pensivepop pensivepop Mar 26, 2013 5:06 PM Flag

    Today's close is a puzzle to me.

    Good afternoon gentlemen. I just established my original position in PIP this morning at 1.70 and so I guess it must be the luck of the irish because I still don't understand that close. I have seen thousands of closings with all kinds of shenanigans involved but get this...With what i thought was the last close of the session the volume and closing price was...213,611 shares at $1.71. Then what seemed like 30 seconds 300 shares traded at $1.75 the new closing price?? Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining but c'mon, 300 shares moved the stock up 4 cents??

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    • Probably just a late print of an earlier trade. Just so happened to be the last one to print, so it looks weird.

      As for your other post, where you say "sharp sell-off which is the indication at the moment." What are you looking at? No such thing exists.

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      • Van, when I post I do so in the reality of the moment. The pre-market was down over 100 points and thus the expected "sharp sell-off" Thank goodness strength came in early and changed the market direction but that is why I posted as I did. As an aside i positioned myself in this stock the other day because the announcement of the final court's decision is expected around April13 and I am convinced the Court will affirm the lower court's opinion. That should make this a $2.00 stock almost overnight. Another poster made an interesting comment about the two companies merging and that makes a lot of sense. Is it possible? Anything is possible but if these two companies are mortal enemies as a result of the lawsuit it will never happen. I added more today at 1.69

    • Today will teach me a lot more about this stock as it will be my first test to see how it handles itself in a sharp sell-off which is the indication at the moment. You guys who have been in this stock for awhile know all about that but since every stock has it's own little "habits" this will be interesting for me. Good luck to all.

    • This has happened the last two days. I do not have a clue?

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