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  • fabulouspoodle fabulouspoodle Mar 25, 2000 9:29 AM Flag

    FNSR's market cap is now almost

    although after the FNSR split Monday, I hope to move more into METHA at these relatively low prices.

    Good luck longs

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    • The point of fabulous (pardon the pun) valuations
      is to bet on who the long term winners will be. FNSR
      has an advantage right now in that they are a pure
      play. Once the spin-off occurs, I look to see a lot of
      the FNSR interest going to the new opto company, if
      for no other reason than to hedge their bets. METHA
      seems to be forming a base right now, so look to see a
      run up soon, however, it will probably go through at
      least one more consolidation period before the news
      starts to break on the spin-off side. Remember that
      there are probably still investors out there that
      bought around the first of March, and at this point
      would like to cover their losses. That will probably
      soften the price once it hits 60. If you're good at
      analyzing and timing these things, there is opportunity to
      make money along the way. Be careful though. Sometimes
      it's safer (and easier on the stomach) to just ride it
      out to the end point. Obsta, Fin, you guys have
      clearly been in this for awhile and followed the
      patterns. What do you think?