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  • riverfront418 riverfront418 Oct 24, 2012 3:16 PM Flag

    Will go the way of Terra Industries.

    The DEF progrm with Yara will be to good to pass up and they are expanding it. 3-5 years. Cash flow strong based on low Nat gas price.

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    • burnaka Oct 25, 2012 1:56 PM Flag

      Will go the way of TERRA, pass me your pipe, I need some of what your smoking. Look at the fundamentals, tnh = eps. of 16.23 per share, pe of 13, on only 18 million shares. Rnf pe 19, already more expensive than tnh, with eps. of 1.97 on 38 million shares. So Rnf buys back half the float and grows earnings 400% you got something, as it is next q distribution .22

      Dreaming something does not make it happen, Tnh has capacity for about two million tons fert, rnh 143k, in other words tnh produces about 14x rnh, that is why one company earns 16 bucks and the other under 2.00 bucks. Nice dream.

      Not saying rnf cannot go higher, but it's value is stretched already. Better off Divi growth wise in epd, wpz, paa, or any of the gas mlp.

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      • I see this as the foundation of my claim, with the DEF market to experiance large growth more Urea with higher margins will push this deal. Taken from last qtr release.

        As previously announced, the partnership has completed the DEF portion of its urea/DEF expansion project ahead of schedule. The completed work included the installation of mixing, storage and load-out equipment for DEF production. The second phase of the project, to increase urea production capacity by an expected 13% or 17,500 tons annually, for use in DEF production, is on schedule for mechanical completion by the end of this year. The total capital budget for the urea/DEF project remains approximately $6 million and is fully-funded.
        With the early completion of the DEF phase of the project, Rentech Nitrogen is currently converting a portion of its existing urea stream into DEF sooner than anticipated. The partnership is selling DEF to Yara North America under a long-term agreement at prices which are currently at a premium to urea used for agricultural purposes. The agreement provides Yara with the exclusive rights to purchase DEF produced at Rentech Nitrogen’s facility based on index pricing and distribute the DEF through its national distribution capabilities under the Air1® brand.

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    • Could you please translate your post. ie what is DEF / Yara? Am new to this board and am not up to speed as much as I would like to be about this stock.

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