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  • mathwiz33 mathwiz33 Jun 20, 2013 7:52 PM Flag

    This company looks like it's in trouble.

    This stock has huge debt, very low book value and markets are taking a hit. If they can't bring in decent revenue next quarter and the following quarters, this company may be in serious trouble.

    I'd like to know more information about this company. Can anyone provide me with some informative details on what is going on with this stock? Good news, bad news, w/e... Thanks.

    Sentiment: Sell

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    • Nothing wrong with this company just your analysis!

    • how could you rate the stock a sell if you don't know much about it?

    • Reuters has it as a buy- not a strong buy- rnf has missed earnings based on its estimates many quarters.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • informantion? Sure;
      Do your own home work before you start telling others about this companies up coming quarter, or the way the markets are treating dividends and/or value ..

    • This company doesnt have high debt 290 mil when they have revenues of 260 mil a year isnt even remotely high. This stock got taken down hard cause when it IPO'ed in 2011 it was a great growth company and all the growth investors piled in and drove it way up. This year they have 2 major expansion projects that are gonna add 20% production growth. When they acounced the lower distribution this year cause of all the downtime the growth investors sold and drove the stock down. As far as the low book value its cause they pay out most their earnings in dividends which causes equity to grow much slower then a company that doesnt. Got to remeber this is a MLP its equity doesnt grow much cause it all gets paid out in dividneds. The best way to value this stocks debt is by debt to EBITDA which is around 2.5 which puts it in far better shape debt wise then all the Utilities, All the Telcos and half the other stocks in the S & P.

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      • Well, they'll need more revenue than that due to operating expenses but you're right, I guess the revenues aren't too bad since the earnings were positive. They still need much more though. Their book value is just horrendous right now but for a new company that has potential, I guess it's not too bad. Using debt to EBITDA looks better but it still doesn't convince me. The consensus isn't that good and there was a higher level insider sell recently at open market around $35. Thanks for the information though. I'll leave this one alone for the time being.

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