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  • rosesinmaine rosesinmaine Jan 2, 2002 9:02 AM Flag

    ATT is increasing long distance rates

    This may also feed over here in terms of added revenue into this beaten up sector. It also may show an end to the deep discounting that has been going on.


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    • And that is not all. MCI and Sprint are also boosting rates. But I learned something new about those USF Pctg charges we all receive on our ld bills.

      The Govt subtracts 7 pct from each of the phone cos to cover the costs of access in rural areas, low income areas and so on.

      The FCC permits the phone companies to collect that from customers, but does NOT spell out how much the Phone companies can collect. So it is turning into a "hidden", or disguised source of revenue for them that does not appear on their per minute charges.

      I was on a site called ABTolls . com which has a great database on most LD plans. Here are a few of the current USF Pct rates being billed to customers. These are apparently being changed right now, and so the site needs to be checked periodically to see what the latest charges are. Remember, govt takes 7 pct:

      T just raised to 11.5 pct.
      Sprint: 10.98
      MCI-Wcom 9.9
      Verizon 6.68 (this is the lowest rate I saw, several are charging this rate in the database, but that may change soon)

      That said, I have a question for anyone out there that may have some knowledge.

      Is anyone using PowerNet Global 4.9 - 6 second as their LD carrier? If so, how is their service? I am considering them and would like to hear some feedback if possible.

      Thanks in Advance.

    • I read where the big three carriers are all tacking on charges, especially in those sneaky "fee" areas to boost revenues. The "linebacker" charge is one I researched a few years ago by calling the phone company.

      Seems it's an insurance policy of sorts so if something bad happens to the phone lines or jacks or other hardware inside your home the company will send out a technician and repair the problem at no charge. If you drop the linebacker charge from your bill, the company charges you a big hourly rate to make the fix.

      I suspect one would get a big bill from Qwest regardless of whether the linebacker fee had been paid month after month year after year should a tech need to come to your home.

      Anyone else remember prior to the breakup of T when we used to pay about $3/month to rent their $10 rotary-dial phones? They loved our house in the 1970s, when we had one phone for business, two phones for the residence and two phones for the all-important "teen" line.

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