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  • brettstar48 brettstar48 Dec 15, 2011 10:35 AM Flag

    Don't worry about AUQ

    We'll be back over $10 in the new year.

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    • If they are going to be getting gold out of the ground at a net cost of 450.00 an ounce next year even if gold hits 900.00 they still have a product that is doubling their money...not to mention silver and copper incomes. Anyone know why the price is tanking?? Looking at other junior miners it really doesn't make sense to me. We're close to the 52 week low before the NXG acquisition. I'm a rookie and would appreciate some imput form someone other than the bashers...

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      • Dave, to address your question more completely: You're talking about fundamental analysis at its most basic which makes sense during normal market conditions. However, for now and the forseeable future the market is anything but normal. During these times the technicians take over. In order to make sense out of this I would recommend you spend some time at a good library and learn as much as you can about RSI, MACD, Bollinger bands. resistance and support levels. It can get very arcane, but if you get a handle on the basics you will do better than most. Keep your eye on the news about europe and china!! Most likely the ECB will start buying up bonds inn volume and china will start easing sometime next year. Good luck to you

      • dave, this is all just my opinion

        Right now there are alot of people that have taken taxable gains from other sectors. They are selling off some of their losers now at end of the year to have some write-offs. This is just temporary additional downward pressure for an all ready weak gold mining sector.

        The people that think there will be no QE are selling. As soon as they figure out otherwise, then they will be back buying more than ever.

        My opinion. AUQ can easy go to 15 within 1 year. Maybe 20

        Also , don't forget this important fact:

        TradeTroll lives in his mommy's cellar.

      • Dave, mining stocks trade in the direction of the underlying commodity, but more so to the downside because of the inherent risks in mining. Right now fear about the PM bull market being over is controlling the market. IF we go into recession or depression WITHOUT the central banks pushing more liquidity into the system, then it's over. On the other hand, if there is a co-ordinated effort by the major central banks then it's off to the races again. Currently, the recessionary view is winning. I would recommend you wait to see what the New Year brings. Europe is in a mess and the pattern has been to add more debt (=liquidity).

      • Just fools getting cleaned out of their shares. @ 7.87 too - amazing...

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