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  • edmundaronson edmundaronson Jan 5, 2012 12:02 PM Flag

    buy dips-

    this board has bashers for a reason-this is going to be a very strong company going forward-

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    • Edmund
      This basher hnd book is becoming more difficult to post

      We must be stepping on some tender toes .

      Here is a try >>>

    • Edmund, there's no more need to "attack" you. Looking over your ratings and reply posts,it appears you don't need any further help from me exposing the BS artist you are. You've done it all by yourself!
      As far as my portfolio, simply put, it's none of your business. I don't feel a need to try to make myself appear important by posting my trades nor the need to try to build up my self esteem by posting outlandish, exagerations of past feats, name dropping and flat out lies in order to appear as a big man rather than the rag huckster you are in real life...ha...ha...what a fraud!
      Oh yea, as I recall and as the posters on this board have or are learning, when I did post facts, backed with documentation regarding the shat of a company CDE was and is for its shareholders, your rebuttals were more undocumented opinions (BS) and personal attacks on my character, as well as, the familiar accusations of being a paid basher. Well the jury is in regarding CDE and guess who was proven right! (spare this board your 46 cents and 1.40 buys-the first nothing more than a huge gamble that worked out, the second you had some dry powder, when a great many of us had already been fleeced by Wheeler and company by his BS and flat out lies about guidance, etc.)
      FYI, I believe I have the answer to your paranoia, self loathing and need to post slander...its the duality of your nature-THE IRISH SIDE ALWAYS BEATING UP THE JEWISH SIDE!..ha..ha...ha
      Dead Atlete, I'll see you around and couldn't care less, which of your natures I meet. I'm more than adequately equipped to exact a reckoning from either or both. Perhaps, if its the Jewish nature I'll just present you with a present-a spring lamb along with a copy of the movie script you inspired, you pissmire!

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