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  • bluelivermore bluelivermore Jan 18, 2012 11:56 AM Flag

    It takes at least 1 quarter for integration

    The general rule is merger stocks are trapped in a trading range to down for at least a year. With really high margins that can be reduced to 1 or 2 quarters. It takes that long for the shareholders/institutions to settle on what they are doing with their new shares.
    Same for spin offs.
    With margins this high, once the numbers are out, the "new"(which is all holders) shareholders will decide. The divisional slosh in big company mergers like Glaxo/SmithKline won't go on for multiple quarters, with "new" AuQ.

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    • When you think it through, NXG shareholders should be happy to be with a company that is expanding margins and earnings? Since NXG was behind the curve with ramp ups and projects.
      I met the AUQ geologists at a local mineral club meeting, not a road show. They just came for free to give a pesentation on the geology of the Ocampo area, since there are a lot of cool mineral specimens that come from that area. AUQ is a drill, drill, driller. They really look for where they are going in mines like Ocampo. These geologists at AUQ are not making the AEM mistakes of drilling a few surface holes then hoping to find something. AUQ moves the exploratory drills in underground and into the pit floor to drill the walls and floor of the pit, to see where they are mining to.
      I wasn't to interested in AUQ until the Geologists from AUQ came to talk to our mineral club. As some one who has mapped in the field these guys really had the maps and drill results plotted, with Lots of drill holes, at all kinds of angles and depths. They would NOT even talk about the company when people asked them questions about AUQ(GRS then). It was a mine geology talk about the Ocampo area, period. Lots of miners(AEM) suffer from big administration without listening to the geologists, it just the opposite at AUQ. The administration at AUQ wants every last detail about the deposits being mined. They were on the more knowledge about the deposit the better, which is unusual at places like NEM or ABX, the smalls can't afford the mistakes of the majors.

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