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  • domrob821 Jan 19, 2013 8:40 AM Flag

    Do miners usually report early?

    Is AUQ unusual to report output early as they did yesterday? Or do all miners do this? It did seem the worst possible time to do it, Friday experation during a Dutch auction.

    The auction ends on the 23rd. Will they report early how many share bought backup, and at what price, or make us wait till Q4 report?

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    • Yes, miners used to release annual updates and guidance to new year in January. It is a good tradition and when some company misses it then market starts believing that bad news are coming (with mandatory annual earning report later). In this light, AUQ report is a good thing. It is another story that contents of the release wasn’t the best (not the worst either) causing some price drop.

    • Worst possible time for sure. Just like Intel releasing their earnings two minutes early on Thursday. The stock surged into the close and then tanked big time after hours. Oh yes, options expiration was the very next day. Manipulation at it's finest.

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