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  • z_for_three z_for_three Feb 16, 2010 2:44 PM Flag

    A lot of weak hands in ENOC - listen to the CC again!

    Buy all you can below 30. This company does most of its business in the PJM, market but with Cogent and emphasis on new markets, the long term prospects are incredible. Going to earn $1.00+ in 2010, so anything below $30 is a buy. By the way, the mega growth will really take place once this economy rebounds and ENOC starts doing more deals with the commercial a WalMart which just eats electricity off the grid (although WalMart is pretty eco aggressive with LED lights and solar roofs)

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    • Management seemed pretty confident about the growth prospects outside of PJM, but it's up to you to decide how much their confidence means.

    • z for 3, you may be right, but that's what was built into the mid-30's price. Now with uncertainty, the multiple surely must be decreased to account for more risk - and demonstration by ENOC that they can fulfill their financial goals.

      I'll tell ya -- a poster may say that a company diversifies because "that's what companies do." It's not true. Any sales force reorganization, major training effort -- has to be either offensive to capitalize on great opportunities (believe me, we'd be hearing about them) --or defensive because the treadmill under their feet is running increasingly fast, and in order to get earnings traction, they have to load up the apple cart and run faster and faster. That's what theyre doing. If all were still rosy, they'd be optimizing the DR piece so early in its lifecycle.

      I think we're in at least choppy waters here -- not in terms of the company's being solvent, but in terms of it's realizing the story stock type earnings ascension many of us thought was a given.

      Wouldn't be the first time.

      PS -- The US shift in focus to building more capacity - ie today's nuclear plant announcement by Obama -- doesn't help things. That's a sea change versus the peak load fears of a few summers ago, particularly with depressed economic conditions and less energy use. None of the winds are blowing ENOC's way right at this moment, imho.

      Good luck to all.

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