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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Mar 8, 2011 8:46 PM Flag

    Why is ABX not responding to MWR?

    Because ABX does not own 1 square foot at Chilan soil, related to the asset in dispute, Mina Pascua.

    It is clear forensics:

    1. PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL is a flawed public instrument of Chile´s Government, used as a vehicle of fraud by Barrick worldwide.

    2. Barrick must prove March 2011, it, owns all property listed as theirs at Pascua area in Chile.

    3. LAMA is a fraud organized to confuse SEC, shareholders and Banks by ABX.

    4. ABX is operating with illegal property titles, which will not protect Pascua for ABX shareholders.

    5. In accordance to public records, ABX deceived MWR-TSX and Mina Pascua owner Mr. Lopehandia via Stockwatch. As after consulting Chile Court of Appeals, the truth is that no titles were delivered back to Barrick in 2007 as lied.

    6. Silence in the part of Andy Lloyd and Barrick after a fellow TSX member has publicly challenged ABX´s fraud, is telling and compelling of the callousness level enjoyed at ABX´s helm.

    7. ABX is urged to answer to MWR-TSX by showing title to all properties named at the PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL or it, will be cancelled in Chile 2011.

    8. ABX - Peter Munk et al, must show title 2011 as lied in 2002-2004 to Ontario Superior Court of Appeals, against Mr. Lopehandia, Mina Pascua owner. Absence of proof, will allow Mr. Lopehandia to charge ABX 1996-2011 all cost, loss and aggravations in multiple mines.

    Barrick shareholders are urged to force SEC to demand that Barrick deliver tiotle to the public or should be halted from trading until a clear answer to MWR-TSX - Mina Pascua owner, Mr. Lopehandia´s legal and very public challenge, is addressed with clean 2011 title in the name of Barrick, or forfeit the asset from ABX to MWR, at law.

    Investors at ABX are cautioned that a fraud of major proportions against the countries of Chile, Argentina,Canada, USA, Switzerland, Germany, Tanzania, Australia, France and the rest of the world by default, has been accomplished by Peter Munk 0 Brian Mulroney and the team of crooks they head at ABX.

    SEC is urged to stop doing the Bern Maddof ïgnore for decades game¨.

    Barrick is swindling the public as you read at Pascua mine 1996 to date

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    • madeoff Mar 8, 2011 10:52 PM Flag

      Will this just go away for ABX? They have been successful so far. Will ABX's stoic silence keep investigation at bay?

      I don't see how a company as small as MWR has the power needed to take these big boys on. In my opinion, Mulroney just barely escaped being nailed taking bribes from Shriber
      Is he really going to allow things to get out of hand with ABX and his affiliation with them? He got rid of the Shrieber scandle, maybe with his connections, he'll get rid of MWR/Jorge too. This is just opinion, of course.

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