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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Mar 22, 2011 10:50 AM Flag

    ABX owes the company to Pascua mine owner 1997-2011

    ABX has profiteered abusing of Chile as platform to money launder its SEC-Stock Exchange fraud, that ABX owns Mina Pascua Chile grounds.

    ABX in accordance to current mining property records in Chile, where the asset{s jurisdiction is the strongest, is title less at Mina Pascua area.

    If a normal grade 7 student takes ABX{s Annual reports 1996-2010 plus recent quarterly, will discover immediately that all press releases, opening of Mina Pascua Chile 2000, further aborted openings, changing the actual Pascua mine Prospectus, really do not add up to safe investment.

    Indeed, ABX{s Pascua history, changes quarterly to new lies.

    Why a mine with Gold ounce at US$40 per ounce, was not opened even when permitted to produce Gold 1994-2001 in accordance to CONAMA - COREMA environmental commissions?

    What was the desperate need to postpone its opening liars at ABX{s helm? lack of title perhaps?

    Let us see...

    ABX swallowed Mina Pascua{s client SUTTON RESOURCES in hostile takeover.

    ABX destroyed Mina Pascua owner JV with Homestake Mining the real and first owners of LAM - VELADERO, to obstruct justice.

    ABX bet on and abbetted fraud to achieve Mina Pascua obstruction of justice and business, via pseudo miners and prominent miners in Chile, Leslie Phillip Price via LAST FRONTIER OIL, MEDINAH MINING, MEDINAH MINERALS, PMU, DAYTON MINING, ANGLO and other prominent miners.

    type Lopehandia, oro sucio in Google, is a Spanish article, yet contains all of this in a very clear path of deception by ABX to SEC and its own shareholders.

    ABX claims 260,000 hectares [if we lose 8600 hectares is only 3% of Mina Pascua Project.

    The truth of record?

    Mina Pascua is to ABX 100% of the land under salt concessions purchased from LAC MINERALS 1994, only.

    These salt concessions, purchased from LAC by ABX are invalid at this date to ABX or to SEC as trading asset.

    PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL hence, due to fraud to Chile{s mining system is invalid - null & void, as stands today.

    Furthermore, the inclusion of TESOROS assets, under Judicial prohibition to do so against ABX et al, clearly shows, that ABX et al are in breach of Chjile{s and Exchange laws.

    ABX is cautioned that all business done 1997 to date, using Mina Pascua{s cash, under Chilean law, valid to USA and Canada, has been done in trust for Mina Pascua ownership 1997 to date.

    Chile has seen its name and assets peddled and all promises of 1000.s of jobs vanished. ABX is not investing its shareholders cash in Chile at this date, workers have striked for, contracted out services are not paid timely by ABX and these people are not paying the workers.

    Why did ABX raise so much cash to launder all jobs from Chile to other jurisdictions?

    Prepare thy answers soon, as ABX BOD, Peter Munk and all undesirables involved in Mina Pascua fraud, have an appointment with history and justice.

    All compiled information herein is due diligence on matters of public record in Chile and google in Spanish and English after typing Barrick, Pascua fraud.

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    • madeoff Mar 22, 2011 1:10 PM Flag


      If the allegations you make of Barrick in regards to Pascua turn out to be true, when will there be legal consequences in Canada?

      According to an article written by the Green Party of Canada, Harper and his Finance Minister, Flagherty, have intervened on Barrick's behalf a number of times. Sounds like ABX has good connections with past PMs as edge they need to side step legal consequences in Canada? Or at least, keep their legal consequencs in Chile on the "down low?"

    • Viva la Chile!!!!!

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