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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Jul 10, 2011 2:33 PM Flag

    Silver Wheaton never seen Pascua Mineral Concessions

    The maps that Barrick gave SILVER WHEATON as PASCUA are so laughable and clearly identify against proper Chile Argentina borders at www . minapascuachile . com

    Barrick has no escapatory to its mammooth MINA PASCUA fraud.

    people area arrested for stealing chocolats in Supermarkets, hens at a farm, however Barrick stealing Billions and protected?

    Is there NO SHAME at public market's regulators desks or souls?

    Bern Maddof spent years decades chaisting people under the careful watching eye of regulators who did not want to stop Bern Maddof

    The same regulators avoid stopping BRIAN MULRONEY - PETER MUNK at barrick.

    rotted elitist apples that have enjoyed crime after crime protection, insider dumpings at Barrick the lot...

    Allowed to sell forward metals and royalties in assets never owned to keep chaisting the public's purse... is a crime that TSX shall pay with handsome cash once sued to its ying yang for perverse protection of criminals while playing russian roullette with the public's and Pension Funds purse.

    TSX has an oath of allegiance to protect the public's purse and has failed, therefore it and all its crooked regulators and officers protecting barrick have earned themselves a lawsuit of gigantic proportions on the Civil and Criminal free trips to Chile trials.

    The same shall be for anyone protecting these criminals while they pillage the public abusing the name of MINA PASCUA a stolen asset by BARRICK GOLD CORPORATION 1996-2011

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