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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Apr 26, 2011 2:15 PM Flag

    Why Copper now ABX? why not hotdogs? or Pizza

    ABX the #1 Gold Corporation going into Copper?

    That sounds like someone ones to deplete the till or cookie jar!

    Equinox? why Zambia Copper? ABX forgot Chile?

    With the cash that Barrick is tossing away in Zambia - not in Australia as wrongly suggested ...

    If invested in Chile; ABX would get 10 times more returns closer to USA & Canada.

    Why then deplete so much cash out of ABX?

    Internal hankypanky, commissions, blocks of shares & porbarrel dipping rewards? mmm?

    ABX has jumped from Rolls Royce business to pursue LADA'S? again acting as non Gold miner?

    Are ABX's mathematicians that crook? or that bad?

    No wonder the ABX geniuses produce Gold elsewhere at USD$700/oz and keep Mina Pascua Chile a USD40 Gold ounce - CLOSED DUE TO LOW GOLD PRICES!!

    Scam of scammers PONZI SCHEEMERS ABX insiders.

    RCMP 2006 was deceived by Barrick that MINERA NEVADA owned 100% of MINA PASCUA.

    At 2011 Peter Munk and Barrick's entire criminal BOD shall have to show the same RCMP the actual titles or march straight to jail.

    Barrick has NO title to respond to RCMP 2011 and is on record as victimizing RCMP in fraud just like BRIAN MULRONEY did when suing arms dealer Hanz Karl Schreiber for libel to defend his personal financial crimes, from RCMP legal investigations - abandoned by RCMP thanks to LIBEL criminal alibi from Brian Mulroney.

    As ABX Chairman of International Advisory Board, Brian Mulroney - as Barrick, sued Mina Pascua owner for libel, to coverup their financial SEC & TSX crimes of Mina Pascua theft for USD20, March 04, 1997.

    Thus Barrick has been filing bogus and doctored pseudo material facts to TSX and SEC, "as if" Barrick owned the rights to exploit for Gold Silver and Copper at Mina Pascua area in Chile.

    Physical metals will soar in price, thanks to Barrick's huge physical Gold - Silver & Copper shorts at Mina Pascua fraud.

    Barrick had to replace Chile's lost Copper or else... it seems.

    Trying to divest the corporate wealth Barrick insiders? with glotatting hankypanky?

    Why not buying Homehardware, Walmarts or Mc Donalds too? you crooks!

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