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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics May 15, 2011 3:13 AM Flag

    RCMP Market Enforcement Team gives Barrick a pass


    it is amazing the ability of some to twist reality.

    Re RCMP-IMET Letter Jan 2006.

    RCMP did not properly investigate, to date Mina Pascua's theft by ABX, on record.

    Like Canada's Court, RCMP "relied in Barrick's credibility & reputation to be telling the truth".

    Unfortunately for the Banks, TSE-TSX, NYSE, IRS, RCMP/IMET, the gang of Barrick's insiders lied like MADOFF - ENRON / BRE-X

    RCMP-IMET 2011, will have a very different point of view, given all developments of record that made the force look like very incompetent abbetters, rether than the true investigators "RCMP always gets its man".

    They went from pseudo investigators of Barrick's crimes, to simply re-printing Barrick's Annual report's malarchy and promotional lies.

    That is 100% the record re RCMP-IMET 2006/2011, with all due respect to good elements of the force.

    The RCMP 2006 letter you quote, was quashed by the June 19th, 2006 Judgment, adverse to barrick proving RCMP 100% wrong.

    Quashed by November 2008 SUPREME COURT decision, proving RCMP 2006 letter 100% wrong.

    Quashed by MWR's public release, proving RCMP 2006 letter 100% wrong.

    further quashed by Barrick not owning legally MINERA NEVADA'S - PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL properties as listed in the DIARIO OFICIAL DE CHILE, December 11, 2004.

    Proving RCMP 2006's letter 100% wrong.

    In essence, you have a "selective reading - very selective memory syndrome".

    You have indeed over looked at the facts of record provided at the minapascuachile . com website

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    • "Wow,it is amazing the ability of some to twist reality" sounds like you Bozo. "In essence,you have a very selective reading-very selective memory syndrome" is for sure you! You would have been great fodder for Hitler whom you would have believed. Try thinking out of your little box and see that everything is not black and white. Do you need more ky?

    • my_name_is_dick_fcking_cheney my_name_is_dick_fcking_cheney May 19, 2011 2:11 PM Flag

      Selective reading?.... the RCMP letter states;

      ........ "After conducting a comprehensive investigation into your complaint it was determined that based on the circumstances of the case there is insufficient evidence to proceed with criminal charges against Barrick Gold Corporation, or any of it's officers, directors, or employees"

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