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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Apr 30, 2011 1:17 PM Flag

    ABX's criminal Pascua file bribery stance, acknowledged

    It is hereby acknowledged that Barrick et al, have one position, money can bribe and buy "anything - including crooked politicians and rich influence peddling".


    Barrick speaks out of experience with Brian Mulroney, criminal ex politician, Mr. Libel against RCMP to save his A$$ and the ca$h he $tole from arms dealer Hanz Karl Schreiber.

    Chile's Lagos & Bachelet, ceded under the influence peddling powers of Barrick as politicians, but not the country of Chile Judicial powers, as lied by Barrick via STOCKWATCH 2011. Openly fabriucated lies.

    Liars like Stephen harper Prime Minister of Canada and Mulroney's pal. who had to go against the traffic, backdoor of Barrick's HQ in Chile, to say "how responsible corporate citizen Barrick was", shame on that crime.!

    Rich influencial brived ones as GUSTAVO CISNEROS en Vz. - ANDRONICO LUKSIC obscure private banker in Chile to directly attack Mina Pascua ownership who banked with him.

    Yes, Barrick has exercized bribing and connaiving at the top, with the elitists miners, such as COMINCO-TECK-PHELPS DODGE - SUMITOMO - KINROSS - GOLDCORP - NEWMONTT and form a team against Mina Pascua ownership to trounce them collectively as miners at the WORLD GOLD COUNCIL.

    However, as told, at law, in Chile the PODER JUDICIAL DE CHILE has things very adamantly clear:

    a) Barrick does not own Mina Pascua or has any rights whatsoever at properties in Mina Pascua area, currently part of Chile trials, meaning. Barrick lied again via STOCKWATCH 2011 v. MWR, to keep defrauding SEC and the public.

    So the foul mouth protectors of Barrick, wish to call names to whomever does not understand the bribery power of MONEY?

    Dear Misguided, we understand the bribery power of money, however we do not need it, as we have the law at hand.

    No matter how much money Barrick has poured as bribes to Mina Pascua theft, all the way from Lawyers, bankers, press, marker makers, jurists or whomever worldwide 1996 to date... IT WAS FUTILE Peter Munk, FUTILE for at 2011 Barrick Gold Corporation does not own one inch of Mina Pascua Chile...

    ^^^^***$$$ the gigantic Gold Silver Copper mine.

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    • 2008 so why is it still going on? In the U.S. when the surpreme court rules it goes into effect right away. I thought someone mentioned on this board that Chile is less corupt than the U.S. so I ask again"what"s going on"

    • Thanks but links do not work. If Chile is such a great country and so very,very fair why is this matter still not resolved 3 years later? If it was such a slam dunk I could see maybe one year or at the most two to give Jorge his land back,but Three? Something doesn't add up so please enlighten me.

    • madeoff May 2, 2011 1:07 AM Flag

      1. LEGAL EVIDENCE: Court decisions, dates, docket numbers. See link here

      2. Silver Wheaton didn’t see documentation of Pascua Lama Mineral Concessions for the Chile side. This was stated in their 2009 Report.

      “Barrick, through its wholly owned subsidiary CMN, owns the surface property and the legal
      concessions for mineral exploration and exploitation of the Project in Chile. The mineral
      concessions have not been independently reviewed and verified by SRK. SRK have relied upon
      legal opinion supplied to Silver Wheaton for this information”.

      To verify above statement check link here

      Below is Catalino Albanez’s statement regarding Pascua Lama ownership. This statement can be found on the bottom of page 9 on this link

      “In accordance with the Title Deeds and the Ownership Certificates current as at 2011, the deeds DO NOT register any dominion valid in Chile as at January, 2011, which hands over dominion or property to Barrick Gold Corp, Barrick Chile or Mineral Nevada Limitada. This legal privilege corresponds, to today’s date, to Mr. Jorge R. Lopenhandia according to current Title Deeds and Ownership Certifacates…”

      Click here for full statement

      Catalino Albanez provides third party verification of Pascua Lama (Chile) ownership. Below is a link verifying his credentials. Go past the blue links and look for Article One located in the centre of the webpage. He is the second name on the list. Note this is an official Chile government website and identifies him as being a specialist in mining matters.

    • Tell that to the native americans which I am half, about what is right and what is wrong. You just don't get it do you? You really think the Chilean govt. is going to give up all the revenue that Barrick could produce so Jorge and some penny ante,smalltime miner can move in and do jack s_ _t with the property? Maybe the U.S. should give the native americans thier land back that they stole. Quit beating a dead horse,only time will tell who is right.

      • 1 Reply to jojhnkurz
      • Dear Misguided 1/2 native.

        Sorry you are not from Chile, natives there were never conquered by the Spaniards.

        Chile anolished slavery and cruelty to animasl in 1810.

        Chile does not care about cash, iot is an investor country, enjoying a better financial position than USA & Canada when it comes to foreign debt.

        Chile is a country whereat Law reigns and Law has suffered because of "bribes from foreign corporations to individuals and public servants".

        However, these crooks have not eroded the free thinking and actions of miners, people, environmentalists or law makers.

        Cash is everywhere looking for large and good proven assets such as Mina Pascua.

        Ask Silver Wheaton, it gave Barrick USD650 Million for a piece of paper re: Pascua and SLW now brags of PASCUA as "its second largest asset in portfolio"!!! (not even near as title is lost to ABX)

        Deutsche Bank AG gave Barrick close to USD5 Billion for a notch of the Pascua Gold...
        never mind ABX did not own it and had to repay the oz to Deutsche Bank at USD$1000 from a USD429/oz bogus ABX sale...

        See misguided 1/2 native? you guys gave up or were subdued with "alcohol & guns".

        In Chile no one has given up on the contrary, ABX is toast!

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