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  • jojhnkurz jojhnkurz May 1, 2011 3:07 AM Flag

    ABX's criminal Pascua file bribery stance, acknowledged

    Tell that to the native americans which I am half, about what is right and what is wrong. You just don't get it do you? You really think the Chilean govt. is going to give up all the revenue that Barrick could produce so Jorge and some penny ante,smalltime miner can move in and do jack s_ _t with the property? Maybe the U.S. should give the native americans thier land back that they stole. Quit beating a dead horse,only time will tell who is right.

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    • Dear Misguided 1/2 native.

      Sorry you are not from Chile, natives there were never conquered by the Spaniards.

      Chile anolished slavery and cruelty to animasl in 1810.

      Chile does not care about cash, iot is an investor country, enjoying a better financial position than USA & Canada when it comes to foreign debt.

      Chile is a country whereat Law reigns and Law has suffered because of "bribes from foreign corporations to individuals and public servants".

      However, these crooks have not eroded the free thinking and actions of miners, people, environmentalists or law makers.

      Cash is everywhere looking for large and good proven assets such as Mina Pascua.

      Ask Silver Wheaton, it gave Barrick USD650 Million for a piece of paper re: Pascua and SLW now brags of PASCUA as "its second largest asset in portfolio"!!! (not even near as title is lost to ABX)

      Deutsche Bank AG gave Barrick close to USD5 Billion for a notch of the Pascua Gold...
      never mind ABX did not own it and had to repay the oz to Deutsche Bank at USD$1000 from a USD429/oz bogus ABX sale...

      See misguided 1/2 native? you guys gave up or were subdued with "alcohol & guns".

      In Chile no one has given up on the contrary, ABX is toast!

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