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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics May 2, 2011 1:07 PM Flag

    ABX 1994 titles are lost 2011 = Pascua to ABX

    LAC sold exploration concessions for salts & nitrates to Barrick 1994 - 2011 for 1.7 Billion!!!

    *** This blunder alone disallows Barrick from metallic exploitation of the same.

    Never mind that Barrick killed LAC 1994 claims from within via a fiasco of claim jumping Jorge Lopehandia's metallic claims AMARILLOS SUR of 1996, with TESOROS claims of Barrick's Chile Lawyer HECTOR UNDA LLANOS by 1997.

    At 2011 Barrick lost AMARILLOS 1-3000 of LAC 1994

    At 2011 Barrick lost the USD20 contract for Lopehandia's (VILLAR) 8600 hectares over MINA PASCUA and LAC 1994 claims. Barrick lost at law and shall never recover from that agin.

    At 2011 Barrick lost the TESOROS claims of HECTOR UNDA LLANOS to Jorge Lopehandia on record at title.

    So, what does Barrick have nearby Pascua?


    Diaguita natives contractually stolen land

    Glaciers in Argentina

    Lama & Veladero from Mr. Lopehandia's client prior to, Homestake Mining of Australia, true owners of LAMA & VELADERO, suffered an unregulated hostile takeover from Barrick to hurt Mr. Lopehandia's transaction with HOMESTAKE in Chile.

    PASCUA FRAUD will send physical metal prices to the moon, as barrick is unable to deliver and will be trounced when its suspect PASCUA derivatives, hedges, forward sales, pre production sales (like Silver Wheaton's bogus Silver contract) are recalled.

    As per ABX v. MWR is a hands down to MWR in my opinion.

    As it looks, MWR appears to be stepping into flawless title at Pascua mine area 2011.

    Whereas Barrick is up to the guills with sick stolen title transaction and marred PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL by inclusion of stolen assets, at hand!

    What a diff.

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