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  • jojhnkurz jojhnkurz May 3, 2011 4:19 PM Flag

    Chile cannot enforce its own laws!

    But I was just informed that Jorge has clear title by other parties posting on this board so justice has been served. Another question would be if he has clear title why does he need MWR's $900,000.00? It does not make sense. Other posters say he has clear title given to him by Chiles surpreme court so that would be end of story,no more litagation,done deal no need for MWR's money or anyones. I believe thier is more to this story than what these other posters are stating. I also cannot comprehend how these guys keep posting the same thing over and over again. Do they do it out of the goodness of thier hearts? I think not. I,on the other hand admit I have 8,850 shares and I will contact Barrick after I copy the most damaging post to them on this board and send it to them.

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