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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics May 10, 2011 4:25 PM Flag

    jojhnkurz your ABX stock holding position question

    The answer is....

    I am a defender of ABX stock holders by proxi.

    I mean honest and dupped stockholders.

    Not you, you are too smart and change the flag post every time at bat.

    Personally I take this as a legal public confrontation of record, v. ABX's wanton deletion of material facts re: Mina Pascua.

    A Mina Pascua historian of sorts.

    Is nice when you have the liars of Barrick suing Mina Pascua owner in Canada (check facts 9) with lies that BARRICK holds AMARILLOS titles in ownership.... as per...

    www .

    and Mr Lopehandia has the titles to his name at 2011 with Barrick Gold Corporation never appearing on title.

    By the way, also while there, look at the lower part of the page the satellite images that clearly show Mina Pascua the montain of Gold, actually far away from Glaciers.

    Barrick was also telling lies regarding the Glaciers or Gold under the Glaciers.


    because they lack title like is shown at 2011 in Chile as valid at Mina Pascua area... here...

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    • Why would they be crying? Are you finally coming out of the closet and those would be tears of joy because you stepped up to the plate and stated your true nature for once in your life? Just f_ _ king with you as you have f_ _ ked with me and no malice intended. Have a good one.

    • newclearday May 11, 2011 12:43 AM Flag

      You busted me, can't fool you! You so smart! I'm sure one of the low level Barrick executives will let you hold their kleenex box soon!

    • If you want to do some good in the world I suggest joining the red cross or salvation army and help homeless people or unwed mothers or anthing besides trying to help stockholders. We obviously have money if we have computers,internet access and money to invest in stocks. Seems very odd that someone would spend hours and hours posting the same thing over and over again just to be a nice guy.

      • 2 Replies to jojhnkurz
      • Try making a plight to ABX shareholders that Chilean workers got the shaft and peter Munk "madeoff with the cash"?

        Jobs were promised for the ABX aborted 2000 opening. Thousands moved to the area and lost it all, marriages, education, all, even dignity.

        Thousands, more people than shares you hold of ABX, suffered in the aborted openings of 2003 - 2006 and 2009 all announced with fanfarre

        2012 was also trumpeteered to be the year of Pascua opening.

        Why would Barrick contract 2015 with Silver Wheaton?

        Perhaps there are better reasons than your 8000+ shares to spank Barrick where it counts.

        In matters they have made of public domain. Liars?

        So next time remember.

        There is a lot more at stake at this side than your well respected shares of ABX

      • pascuaforensics has been more the helpful with info on this Pascua Lama mess. I'm happy to be getting the heads up on the issue as well as the provided links brought forward by other Yahoo board members so we can all make informed choices when investing.

        Why is it wrong to talk about Barricks ownership issues at Pascua Lama? Who cares what each of our motives are when talking about Pascua Lama, just be thankful you live in a democracy which allows for those freedoms.

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