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  • jojhnkurz jojhnkurz May 13, 2011 5:20 AM Flag

    Hey pascuaforeskin,answer me this.

    I'd be steaming mad if a company I invested in gave away almost 1 million dollars to someone without anything in writting or collateral and without getting shareholder approval. Especially if they stated there was no guarantee that anything would come of it. I guess MWR is not as pure and honest as Chile. I await your bloated and long winded reply that won't address my post but instead ramble on and on incoherently. My thanks to mtstack2000 for her post. It is nice to know that some people see that there are two sides to any story.

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    • Dear worried ABX shareholder, for the fortunes of MWR's cash...

      It is funny that you worry about MWR's cash sank at Pascua's real deal.

      One would think that a guy like you that worries about other people's cash, would worry about his own cash and his own dirty company.

      nevertheless, you wanted my opinion and here it goes.

      Based on record only.

      Mr. Lopehandia forwarned Barrick that he was going to give them a legal licking at all levels of Government and was to recover Mina Pascua from Barrick.

      Barrick sued Mr. Lopehandia for libel and tit;le slander. Yet the truth is that Mr. Lopehandia is 2011 MINA PASCUA owner and Barrick has but a fraud.

      If Mr. Lopehandia gave his word to MWR, then MWR will get MINA PASCUA asset in JV from Mr. Lopehandia, no doubt.

      If Mr. Lopehandia delivers as we all know he will, then is MWR who will own Mina Pascua rights, not Barrick at 2011.

      Barrick has made a fortune, advertising the opening of Mina Pascua since the year 2000.

      Barrick has collected billions and never open the USD40 / oz of Gold cost mine... Barrick has it closed "due to low Gold prices".

      USD1 Million is less than a daily expense at a Mine like PASCUA.

      So, if MWR gave to Mr. Lopehandia 1 Million and because of that puny amount of cash, Mr. Lopehandia will allow MWR to earn an interest at Pascua subject to fulfillment of contract....

      I personally would bet all my cash on MINA PASCUA owner - MWR alliance, rather than at Barrick's fraud.

      So the short answer is...

      MWR has a "steal of a deal" to secure MINA PASCUA rights to a potential shared ownership, for pennies on the dollar.

      Good for MWR and Mina Pascua owner, to show that there are clean win win deals for shareholders to be realized, and not the ABX or ABX-SLW fraud to shareholders at Pascua.

      As delivered at this date via SEC by Peter Munk et al at ANX-SLW.

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