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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics May 13, 2011 10:02 AM Flag

    MWR shall land Pascua, ABX? = jail/cease trade

    When the dust settles at Pascua's "dust storm caused by ABX reporting false material facts regarding its largest single Gold - Silver Ciopper asset in its crooked books".

    SEC and TSX should be getting ready to knock Barrick's doors down, alongside IRS and Interpol

    It will be fun, looking at pseudo Gold barons run away from the law... there will be chases indeed as patriotic volunteers locate the escapees... a la "OJ scapade"...

    These crooks milked and bilked Barrick and the system 1996-2011 and have NOT DELIVERED one gram of Gold at Pascua Mine, Barrick's largest asset.

    Why? why close a USD40 oz "due to low Gold prices", invent Gold under the Glaciers? invent LAMA? why Barrick why so many lies and fraud and so little yellow metal?

    Barrick does not own its PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL properties as filed in Chile and Argentina.

    Such lethal fraud, has Barrick at Pascua from the very far outside... looking as Pascua dissapears in the horizon for ABX at 2011.

    Serves them weel for crooks.

    Peter Munk, your time of reckoning is here! now!

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    • Thanks for thinking about me new queer gay, remember Jorge has other mines you can explore along with your master, pascua foreskin.

    • Thanks for your feedback, I feel your anger when you type so you must obviously be like others, very frustrated as to what is coming your way in the way of your stock ABX perhaps tanking when news hits the streets, good luck pal

    • Thanks for your post.

      I'm glad to see that you are consistent in providing comments of little relevance or value. Next time try to break up your long rambling sentence into a few clear thoughts. Readers might take you a bit more seriously if they believe you have managed to obtain a high school education.

    • You are so funny with your rubbish, just hold on to your underpants wait for an announcement, fill your underpants and then think real hard about the rubbish you post here as you know nothing about this because you are wearing horse blinders and only think one way which is toward the big gold company which I think is tanking

    • MWR's management is probably hiding the fact they squandered $1,000,000 of their shareholder's money on Jorgey Boy with no written agreement or statement on what this money was to be used for. Jorgey Boy again failed to provide any evidence against ABX that can stand up in a court of law and now MWR has nothing to show for their efforts other than a $1,000,000 hole in their books. If it was otherwise, why is there no agreement with Jorgey Boy or a press release from MWR announcing legal action against ABX? Also, why is ABX still trading while MWR has been halted for over a month if this "evidence" and documentation against ABX is so damning?

      No case against ABX here boys. Expect a lawsuit against MWR and possible bankrupcy after the shareholder win their case against MWR's management for fraud and mis-management.

    • The MWR news releases must have scared security commisions enough to halt trading in MWR until proper documents filed.

      What can be so difficult about filing proper documents. The Annual Information Form for example. Has many useful details about company principles and their other operations. What is new MWR management hiding by delaying filing such data?

      Several posters here might be MWR insiders. Why not tells us who you are and explain your position honesty. Why have you failed to file? What are hiding? Why do you have to sue former CEO?

      What is going on here boys? Just tell your uncle Benya. He'll understand :)

    • You ignore point.

      Barricks deals are all above board written agreements available for all to inspect.

      MWR deals are all verbal and worse yet are agreements to agree which is nothing.

      Barricks operats like typical multi billion dollar corporation in open and transparent manner.

      MWR is suing dead CEO's estate, setup verbal deals and operate without transparency. Anyone doubting should read MWR virtual web site and just see what kind of cr*p these guys have pulled. And I've only looked at less that 2 months of news releases. What will I find when I go back 2 years, 5 years and 10 years? And BTW, why do I have to go find virtual web site for MWR? Why do they not do as 99.99% of legit companies do and provide easy to use website to read about company? What is MWR hiding?

      Besides, MWR is by own words snitches to IRS. Who would ever trust snitch to tell truth. I would not!!

    • For all the crying crocodiles for US1 Million from MWR for PASCUA rights.

      * Go and cry rivers for the US2 Billion in devaluation of your EQUINOX investment.

      + Cry Rivers for the cash lost by ABX when selling 7 million oz. to DEUTSCHE BANK AG for US429 and had to repay at US1000/oz - thanks to foolish shareholders like you.

      * 1Million USD = under 1000oz. If that is really what MWR has given Mr. Lopehandia for Pascua, then Mr. Lopehandia is in the business of making shareholders rich. In my opinion.

      * Barrick paid over 1.5 Billion record has it, for LAC MINERALS claims of 1994,which are salt & nitrates concessions. There goes more billions lost from your beloved corp.

      * JPM-Golman & Sachs- Merril Lynch - Solomon bros, gave Barrick USD500 Million to start Gold production at Pascua 2000. Barrick was permitted to mine in Chile MINA PASCUA until 2001 on record at CONAMA - COREMA Environmental Commissions.

      * Barrick intentionally closed Mina Pascua a USD40 Gold oz. "due to low Gold prices", having every other mine oz. being a lot more expensive worldwide.

      * Barrick has spent millions on top of millions trying to fight Mr. Lopehandia over a US20 contract, 2011-2011, why?

      * Silver Wheaton's cash for a conned contract where Silver was sold by Barrick at US4/oz, did not make Barrick money or did it?

      It was an alibi to surprise fools like you

      * If MWR needs only US1 Million to land what Barrick has milked by US Billions...

      I am going to sell my Volks Wagon Van, my portable lap top, and buy shares of MWR.

      Will ask all my friends and known parties that own Barrick stock and are concerned, to do like wise if they want to land a piece of the Mina Pascua action.

      * 1 Million dollars for Pascua rights? MWR

      * Billions wasted for nothing Barrick?

      My pick is......



      This is MWR's rather disappointing 2nd Biweekly Default Status Report that was due out May 11, but was issued May 13. It states that nothing material has changed, i.e. no agreement has been concluded with JL. However, it does state that they intend to issue their financials by May 31. We will see at that time what disclosures they make in their financial statements as to their dealings with JL. That should prove interesting.

      This news release should not be confused with the news release due every 30 days on the status of the transaction that is due Monday, albeit, no transaction was completed by May 13 per the Biweekly Default Status Report so I really doubt that any agreement can be reached before the 30 day report is released next week.

      As I remarked before, I wonder how others can presume that MWR can acquire the mining titles, or an interest thereof, to PL when a security agreement for the past advances can not even be reached with JL. Then, of course, JL's claims are still under the purview of the Chilean courts so I'm unsure as the the standing that MWR would have even if an agreement with JL was reached. But as there is no agreement that is merely idle musing.

      So until next week's 30 status report, nothing new can be known. (I have my doubts that anything new will be known after the report, but that, of course, remains to be seen.) Until then, adios.

    • newclearday May 14, 2011 10:47 AM Flag

      You want to talk about fraud? you dont have to look far- The GATA the Gold Anti- Trust Action Commitee was formed over Barrick Gold an JP Morgan...See below taken from Gata's website:

      The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee was organized in January 1999 to advocate and undertake litigation against illegal collusion to control the price and supply of gold and related financial securities. The committee arose from essays by Bill Murphy, a financial commentator, and by Chris Powell, a newspaper editor in Connecticut, published at Murphy's Internet site, [1].

      Murphy's essays reported evidence of collusion among financial institutions to suppress the price of gold. Powell, whose newspaper had been involved in antitrust litigation, replied with an essay proposing that gold mining and investor interests should act on Murphy's essays by bringing suit against the financial institutions involved in the collusion against gold.

      The response to these essays was so favorable that the committee was formed and formally incorporated in Delaware. Murphy became chairman and Powell secretary/treasurer.

      GATA underwrote the federal anti-trust lawsuit of its consultant, Reginald H. Howe -- Howe vs. Bank for International Settlements et al. -- which was pursued in U.S. District Court in Boston from 2000 to 2002. While the Howe suit was dismissed on a jurisdictional technicality, it became the model for Blanchard Coin and Bullion's anti-trust lawsuit against Barrick Gold and J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., which was filed in U.S. District Court in New Orleans in 2002 and prompted Barrick Gold's decision to stop selling gold in advance for 10 years.

      GATA continues to expose and oppose collusion against a free market in gold, other precious metals, currencies, and related securities.

      GATA is recognized by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service as a tax-exempt educational and civil rights organization and it welcomes financial contributions.

      Meanwhile you and Palo Alto boy can go back to sleep now.... everthing`s just fine here.

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