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  • vymgqzdimqptomhosrv vymgqzdimqptomhosrv May 14, 2011 8:18 AM Flag

    Urgent: ABX Traders - Dont drop the soap.. I mean Ball..


    Find out what the Market Makers dont want you to know about Barrick Gold Corp (NYSE: ABX). ABX is in good shape considering these market conditions. I think that with some positive news, 55.74 can be back on its way to the 52 week high of 55.74.. Lots of potential here guys.. For more info and Alerts check out..

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    • Peter Munk better hang-on tight to his bar of golden soap after fraudulent legal proceedings of Pascua Lama could = Jail.

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      • Judging by what I read at the virtual MWR website and extrapolating, it might be MWR boys sitting in the can.

        Why has MWR failed to file necessary documents? What information do want to avoid revealing? Why is MWR having to sue estate of former CEO? Why does MWR only have verbal agreement to agree with Jorge boy?

        And bigger question for MWR is do you think it is about time you admitted that Jorge might well indeed be scamming you? If Jorge was legit why would she avoid all written agreements?

        IMO sounds like MWR has been conned by gold mining equivalent of Nigerian 419 scam. Who does it feel boys?

        And BTW boys, why doesn't MWR spend a few dollars and have a proper website. I just hate having to use the virtual website. It is so slow and limits the amount of your past dirt I can pull down per hour. I'd like to get at everything fast. More fun that way :)

    • L0Ng Race H0rse

    • Is that 85% claim a verbal one? MWR likes to do things verbally don't they :)

      And why doesn't MWR have a website? Webpages don't fit with the MWR corporate image of "lets do it verbally"... A very green policy.

      My can you please confirm for me the truth rumor that MWR is planning to switch trading symbols over LDIV?

    • Calm down..

      We are all waiting on the TSX and SEC to filter through everything.

      MWR is halted due to an a large acquisition. It obviously got to do with a deal between MWR and Mr Lopehandia.

      If ABX can not provide titles to areas they included in the Pascua Lama Protocol then ABX shareholders have a huge problem.

      If MWR does come through with a deal with Mr Lopehandia over what MWR claims is 85% or the Pascua Lama ore body then MWR shareholder will be very wealthy.

      So to put it simply, we wait.

    • You want us to wear extra large stretchy trousers? Why? You want to mount us without dropping our drawers when you insert your D on the day you pick? Post to your master Pascua foreskin for that nonsense.

    • I must say it sure is fun playing with all you abx Dimwits. Better buy some extra large stretchy trousers soon , cause when D-day hits you people are going to need all the room you can get. C-ya wouldn`t want to B-ya.

    • Dream on.

      But please tell me why MWR does not have a web site?

      Did they send all their money to Jorge based on that verbal agreement? You know that agreement to agree which isn't an agreement at all. And why does Jorge not want to put it in writing? Has the real Jorge runoff? Stopped answering that corner pay phone has he?

      And are you one of the MWR insiders?

    • Sorry for the misunderstanding and your obvious private life style choice. A box of depends will work just as good, pass them out to all your abx buddies because you`re all full of crap and while you`re at it put one over your face that`s where most of the crap is coming from!

    • Thanks for that, I am merely guessing that things will happen and roll.

      1. MWR gets the green light from TSX and SEC

      2. ABX halted

      3. MWR makes press release for what it is halted for now

      4. Underpants are filled by ABX shareholders and jaws drop because they were lied to for so many years and may lose an abundance of $$$

      5. Both MWR and ABX resume trading and ABX is like the Titanic

      6. Perhaps legal action to ABX Board for the fraud type Madeoff shenanagans.

      Just an opinion though from what I have read through the posts and JL website and have seen some very important documents there online

    • Did I touch a nerve? I figured with a name like Welcum in my face that it was right up your alley.

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