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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics May 15, 2011 11:05 AM Flag

    jojhnkurz you are as contemptuous as ABX

    First cry baby for ABX, they are saints.

    Then cry baby, for my 8000+ shares.

    Then cry baby for MWR's cash

    Then cry baby for mr. Lopehandia's fortunes.

    Then cry baby, for MWR will not be able to finance the deal.

    Then cry baby for "no bank" will finance the deal"

    Then you turn into a sexual deviant crook.

    Then more sexual deviance and forgot about Barrick?

    Then insult Mina Pascua owner?

    Are you sure you are not VINCENT BORG wannabe?

    I can see than in 2 weeks of continued material facts regarding Barrick's fraud, has driven you insane.

    Now we understand why Barrick and Peter Munk are mum.

    Perhaps they are trying to switch dirty diapers every 10 minutes.

    so "kurzed john" - jojhnkurz... next time you come pouting for answers and thiose answers are provided with ethics, do not turn into a deviant sexual predator.

    Otherwise, sell your 8000+ shares and buy a ticket to San Francisco, deviant fella...

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    • I'm not crying,I'm laughing. Every time you post you show what a cretin you are. If you have ever read my previous posts you will know that I am not in love with Barrick and would bolt the minute I thought it feasible but the time is not now. Maybe when it hits $60.00.

      • 1 Reply to jojhnkurz
      • Maybe now JK is the time to jump ship or maybe tapdance on the slowly sinking ABX ship but again, time will tell and perhaps you will be laughing at 60 but I doubt it, lets just wait and see who has better persuaders here with the law, Chile is already out and you can read that anywhere you look, now its TSX and SEC time up north. Again, just a hunch on my part because I like to keep you entertained bro.


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