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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics May 16, 2011 9:51 AM Flag

    ABX Chile criminal charges "coming up".

    Welcome to a day where justice is working at the jurisdiction where Mina Pascua is located.

    Today and from hereon onwards, ABX shareholders will know truly, how bad they were taken by Management.

    Sort of the same fortunes suffered by Silver Wheaton, but greater. Both linked to ABX Pascua fraud.

    The same "misfortunes one may say"... suffered by JPM - GS - Merril Lynch & Solomon Brothers who never got Pascua Gold 2000 as per 1997 ABA - SEC PROSPECTUS.

    To deface and doctor a PROSPECTUS is a crime ABX.

    Barrick has obliterated the PASCUA PROSPECTUS 1997 into a nightmare of Julius Verne's proportions, too bad someone else got to the moon in a lunar module called "spider" eh Barrick?

    It is about time that ABX shareholders realize that most of ABX Corporation's assets, will not suffice to pay punitive and special damages to all conned parties worldwide.

    Chile is a country that suffered very closely, the predatory modus operandi of Peter Munk et al.

    The question that begs to be answetred is...

    Where does all the cash and Gold goes?

    To "pay Copper debts"?

    Is like TAX invention.

    Taxes were invented to pay for the wars.

    Wars were over, they invented more and more wars to keep taxes alive.

    Give it a break Barrick, your PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL is as flawed as the Nuclear Plants that got hit by the Tsunami in Japan.

    Your Pascua titles are as bad as Peter Munk's pre Barrick's reputation. "a crime".

    So to all defenders of fraud out there, dreaming of forecasts of ABX 60, remember...

    BRE-X was being "pumped" even days after it fell, ABX, tied to BRE-X in more manners than one and you know what I mean, is the same type of insider indulgent mining property fraud.

    The sad thing for ABX shareholders though, is that ABX "warmed the kettle 1994-2011"

    only for MWR to drink and enjoy with Pascua owners, the fresh cup of Tea at Pascua Mine Chile's 2011.

    Great launching with a splendid tea party.

    Record has it, ABX and rude dissenters are not invited.

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