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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics May 17, 2011 1:22 PM Flag

    Mr. Lopehandia's public statement part 2.

    Let the market cap Mina Pascua to MWR and speak for itself when all matters at law are decided and MWR's halt is lifted.

    Do not try to "help" or be a "soothsayer" with non applicable slander. Please!

    Mr. Davis, you are not the market.

    Firstly. 1 Million USD? Let the public decide. Not your harenges

    Secondly. 1 Million does not suffice for 1 lawyer fees to fight ABX, not one, on record, not in Canada, not at Pascua's big file.

    Thirdly, 1 Million dollars does not buy a D11 or D10 Caterpillar nor one of the many 200 tons trucks to be required for the task or none of the multiple loaders - stripping machines or miners.

    You have overlooked the wasted Billions by Barrick and made the 1 million wise decision of MWR look as a "bad business practice".

    In fact, it seems as the best invested 1 million of all public mining companies since the Exchange has come to business records.

    (true barrick stole Pascua for 20USD equivalent and has not [paid for Pierina mine in Peru yet, but...)

    You are herein urged to rearange your own mixed facts, to arrive to the proper real conclusions, full of fundamentals and evidence.


    Mountain West and Jorge Lopehandia are in the business of mineral concessions that are free clean and cleared to Jorge Lopehandia at 2011 over LAC MINERALS areas of 1994 - (to Barrick Gold Corporation - the only thing they may call MIna Pascua in Chile)

    Barrick instead, is in the business of peddling a Stock Exchange mining property "public fraud" via a flawed PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL trading stolen assets at worldwide exchanges and media.

    Take your pick Mr. Davis who would you invest?

    In Barrick who lied via Stockwatch, saying it won on Appeals 2007 the Pascua claims back? (if Jorge Lopehandia has titles at 2011?)

    or in MWR who knows that SUPREME COURT OF CHILE 2008 quashed Barrick's arrogant lawsuit to impeach Judge Maria Isabel reyes Kokisch and her brilliant June 19th, 2006 Judgment that stripped ownership of Mina Pascua from Barrick et al, to date?

    And MWR that has on its possession clean and cleared title to Jorge Lopehandia?

    There is a business that will succeed in full blue sky, tha business is called ... MWR - Lopehandia @ Pascua Mine Chile area.

    There is a huge fraud uncovered, documented and law, to be enforced in multiple jurisdictions, law enforced at this time in Chile,which is called Barrick Gold Corporation v. Jorge Lopehandia, a business whereat MWR's shareholders are harmless

    The only thing that may hurt a clean business such as the one MWR is entering into for the benefit of its sharehoders and the public, are irresponsible diatribes by people that mix apples and oranges to justify aspirations to watermelons and pineapples.

    Respectfully I advise you Mr. Davis, to respect the facts of record, MWR shareholders, the public's right to know the truth, only the truth and nothing but tjhe truth, so help us God.

    Please refrain from slandering my name.

    If you do so Mr. Davis, you shall be true to your word, and shall be respecting the people you say you do, namely MWR - Mr. Brent Johnson, President.

    Thankfully yours.

    Jorge R Lopehandia
    Mina Pascua Chile, 100% owner.

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