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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics May 18, 2011 12:24 PM Flag

    Flash news! ABX's Pascua open pit - outside LAC 1994 claims?

    Why does Barrick via Minera Nevada lies to the public and includes AMARILLOS 1-3000 (circa 3000 herctares) and TESOROS UNO 1al 30 to TESOROS DOCE 1 al 5, at its PASCUA MALA PROTOCOL?

    When today Barrick shows its OPEN PIT 100% outside of LAC MINERALS 1994 concessions?

    Does this mean Barrick laundered 1.5+ Billion into LAC MINERALS for salts & nitrates concessions - only? What good did that cash and all drillings done thereat 1994 onwards Barrick?

    Barrick has advertised to be selling Downtown Manhattan, located in their 43101 delivered to Silver Wheaton, @ the suburbs of London Ontario.

    Barrick delivered mining property info in Argentina to Silver Wheaton to sell Chilean Gold.

    Please, go to:

    www minapascuachile . com

    See a series of new info that has just come up.

    It blew my eyes.

    In the maps there are drawn two eliptical - semi circular images.

    The one below the maps, elongated if you wish, obeys to a yellow Mountain pictured by Barrick in Chile as Mina Pascua.

    The same mountain, is clearly visible in satellite images, included one marqued with TESOROS mining property.

    That is why Barrick included TESOROS at its PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL now flawed to death.

    The top eliptical semi circular drawn image belongs to where Barrick is locating its open pit

    That "open Pit - Peter Munk", falls outside of the areas Barrick has listed as PASCUA LAMA with SEC Prospectus, namely AMARILLOS 1-3000 the areas bought at 1.7 Billion from LAC MINERALS.

    Why is Barrick "moving the Open pit to Barren lands"?

    1. Because the GOLD UNDER THE GLACIERS farce failed misserably.

    2. Because of the Mina Pascua photo they published in Chile - Barrick has no one inch to its name in Chile at this date and for one decade already June 05, 2001 to 2011.

    3. Because Barrick needs to circumvent SEC - TSX the lot of banksters that cooperated with them, needs to cheat MINA PASCUA owners, Chile and Argentina, so that insiders can realize their plumbs, their pickings, their insider trading, their commissions, their rewards, their blocks of shares, their millionaire paychecks.

    4. So Brian Mulroney mr. libel, can look good before the public while shaming Mina Pascua owner into symbol of Internet Libel in Canada.

    5. So Peter Munk the madoff of Gold fields, can mainatin his PONZI SCHEEME scammer games @ ABX

    6. So Barrick could actuyally escape the mining property fraud in Chile.

    7. So Barrick could make believe while building tunnels and clandestine airports to extract rich Mina Pascua Chile ore, elswhere?

    8. So that Barrick could escape the wrath of RCMP-IMET-IMTERPOL - IRS?

    10. So that barrick could cheat its hsareholders - SEC - TSX - London Ex. - Zurich Ex - berlin Ex - paris Bourse with a pseudo MINA PASCUA ore body & ownership?

    11. So Barrick could sell 2005 to Deutschebank AG 7 Million oz of Pascua Gold at USD$429, to be repaid at USD1000/oz?

    12. So barrick could conn Silver Wheaton?

    Barrick has a mess, check it.

    www . minapascuachile . com

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    • I "get it". Sadly ABX sharholders seem to not want to understand.

      Earth to ABX shareholders!

      Lawsuits against ABX look to be set to flow like a flash flood.

    • you are barking too loud...if it were an issue it would be priced in by now..chill pill man

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      • This is a legal Tsunami of Biblical proportions against ABX.

        They conned Silver Wheaton and fudged in the Chile Argentine border "to suit peter Munk's fraud", not to reflect where Mina pascua or the ore body is, at BARRICK'S 2011 OPEN PIT for PASCUA LAMA.

        Chile will make beans out of peter Munk and his criminal cohorts.

        Brian Mulroney may have sirvived the cheating of arms dealer Hanz karl Chrieber when he stole his cash with a bogus libel lawsuit to fend off RCMP.

        Barrick's business toy of Mulroney duplicated the modus operandi against Mina Pascua owner.

        This time Mulroney is caught with Peter Munk delivering the largest single Gold fraud since BRE-X.

        BARRICK-Pascua X files

        Why would 2011 Barrick locate its OPEN PIT away from LAC'S 1994 concessions for which Barrick paid 1.5+ Billion as MINA PASCUA?

        Peter Munk, come here you crook!

        You are fired and placed under notice of impending forthcoming arrest for Pascua theft & fraud 1996-2011.

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