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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics May 19, 2011 10:49 AM Flag

    Bombshell!! ABX defaced its PASCUA LAMA PROSPECTUS & SEC filings

    By leaving MINA PASCUA outside!!!! of Barrick's 2011 PASCUA LAMA OPEN PIT.

    Pascua is in Toronto?

    PASCUA LAMA in New York... ho ho hoh ho Peter Munk, you oevr did Bern Maddof

    Peter Munk is a stooche of the Mining world.

    Paid 1 Billion + to lAC for salts & nitrates concessions and designs PASCUA outside of the SEC claims that contained PASCUA in the filed PROSPECTUS?

    It ranks right up there with the mathematical precision of how Barrick allocates its budget...

    Alll mines Gold oz. cost = US$500/oz and up...

    MINA PASCUA Chile, closed due to low Gold prices, a US$40 dollars/ox cost mine?

    Let us see Peter Munk's math... I give one I rip off 1000, I give 2, I rip off 2000, better hedge that idea, and sell derivatives on it, Gold under the Glaciers yes, that's it, closed due to low Gold prices? mmmm Pascua will open with Gold at US$300/0z... no, perhaps 2006? 2009, 2012? 2013? 2015? never?

    Barrick is herein exposed as a fraud to the system at Chile business. period.

    They shall regret their farud and shall join in with ENRON & BRE-X at the... CORPORATE HALL OF SHAME.

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    • In fact the poor peasant got a JV partnert that knows mining and has huge access to finance Mina Pascua or more into production ...

      dear kurzef john...

      PASCUA asset is the pearl of grest price...

      Not the miner from Chile, not MWR, the Gold Silver and Copper of Mina Pascua Chile by the USDbillions iis what marks the difference.

      You may need to contact Dr Kerkorian fast, or it will be too late for you when discovering ABX{s Pascua fraud...

      all Mina Pascua titles and depiction of MINA PASCUA plus depiction of Barrick{s phony PASCUA LAMA are at www . minapascuachile . com

    • If a poor peasant discovers a mine they won't get financing because they are a poor peasant who does not know how to operate a gold mine. Kind of like MWR. They would not get financing because they are in the same boat as the poor peasant,they don't know how to operate a gold mine.

    • You sure are naive...

      If a poor peasant discovers a Gold mine, will he/she get financing?

      If the Veverly Hills Rich people were dumb hilly Billies and got rich...

      MWR with Pascua will be a magnet for real miners, cash, the lot.

      Do not suffer for MWR kurzed john.

      Is better to me small, clean and lean, it means is not a thief corporation.

      There is no sin being in debt, ask Barrick that pillaged you 5 generations at the EQUINOX fiasco, 2 billions loss on entry.

      Is worse to be a giant like Barrick full of debts, problems, theft, SEC fraud, loss of assets, false material facts filing, deceitful press releases, cheat in Court, false Pascua maps, the lot.

      So there kurzed john.

      At least MWR will have an "excedent of positive Gold - Silver & Copper."

      Unlike fraudlently rotted ABX.

      hey khurzed, are you on staff reporting so earlty to your board troll job?

      remeber, 99,9999% of the populatio does not do what you have chosen...

      pout on ABX's behalf against MWR

    • Any idea as to how Barrick acquired Pascua Lama if the ore body is outside of the old Lac Minerals claims?

      All along ABX has been saying they acquired the Pascua Mine from the purchases of Lac Minerals back in 1994.

      Could someone claify what the difference is betwen the Pascua Lama claims ABX says they have and the Pascua claims from Lac Minerals which are dead and in the name of Jorge Lopehandia.

      This from ABX:

      Pascua-Lama Project

      The Pascua-Lama property is located in the Frontera District in Chile’s Region III and Argentina’s San Juan Province. The total project area consists of approximately 45,500 hectares in Chile and Argentina. The Chilean part of the deposit was acquired by Barrick through its acquisition of Lac Minerals Ltd. (Lac Minerals). In both Chile and Argentina, Barrick, through its wholly owned Argentinean subsidiary, Barrick Exploraciones S.A., and its wholly owned Chilean subsidiary, Compania Minera Nevada SpA, owns the mining property in the project area.

      • 1 Reply to voodoo.three
      • Baerrick bought LAC OK, with it, 1.5+ Billion in salts & nitrates concessions (no Gold or to do a metallic project).

        Barrick found titless at PASCUA ore body, jumped towards Argentina and North of Mina Pascua.

        Barrick represented an open pit for Silver Wheaton that places its OPEN PIT - PASCUA LAMA away from LAMA & far away from Pascua itself hohohohohohoho

        Barrick is ddomed as it frauded Silver Wheaton real good and in the process destroyed its PASCUA LAMA PROSPECTUS @ SEC

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