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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics May 20, 2011 3:30 AM Flag

    Today is the first day of the end of ABX's ascua fraud

    Barrick is about to turn a new page in the history of miners HALL OF SHAME.

    Prepare their ribbons and whistles, ABX is going to be found in contempt, placing the "neglecting intentionally to enforce Pascua frauyd from within"...

    Mascarading as, pseudo protectors of the public's purse - when in fact they are gang of insider traders in the public markets, a shame.

    Metals shall be freed to their respectable, respectively due leves.

    Enough of always concocted manipulation to make balance sheets look rosy, never mind the miners worldwide.

    Paper shufflers have been caught with the hands in the "Gold/Silver/Copper Markets cookie jar...

    Easy to say Barick is avoiding Pascua - MWR - Lopehandia areas with their SILVER WHEATON charade of Open Pit.

    However, only those areas filed at SEC as Pascua 1994, count for Chile and as ore body.

    Only those area namely LAC 1994 are Mina Pascua to Barrick 3000 hectares or under, no 260,000 hectares charade of ABX 2011.

    There are world mines that are large 20,000 tons per day operations, in under 5 hectares open pit

    so for Barrick to brag that their Pascua Lama farce is 260,000 hectares - is like to say -

    Yes, Peter Munk has so much cash for charity, that he hand made a 50K meters long limousine out of environmentally recycled minewaste.

    The Limo is fuelled by waste unearthed by Peter himself from Argentina Lama - Veladero areas & mountains desecrated by lazy Barrick employees, who buried the camp's possessions rather than giving it to the boy scouts.

    260,000 hectares is "insecure miner's LAND GRAB

    NOT, "responsible mining practices" As per ABX Fraud.

    Barrick has not landed the PASCUA MINE needle in the mineralized Andes haystack.

    They are looking for another one that is not there...

    eh Barrick? & Peter Munk?

    Thus only AMARILLOS 1-3000 / ex LAC 1994 concessions as published @ PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL (a.k.a salts & nitrates) are to be PASCUA for Barrick; as LAMA is 100% in ARGENTINA.

    That leaves Barrick selling Manhattan (USA) located downton Toronto. get it now pals?

    From the point of avoidance, is criminal as it has :

    a) Cancelled their claims form LAC 1994 at law.

    b) Run away from PASCUA 1994 to "NON PERMITED boonies.

    c) Obliterate the Pascua project design.

    d) Alter the Chile - Argentina Border arbitrarely with scheeming to cover the PONZI that Pascua is to Barrick.

    e) NO clean or valid PASCUA LAMA RPOTOCOL meaning Barrick will and shall not be authorized to trade its largest asset in their SEC-NYSE/TSX-To, doctored and defaced MINA PASCUA PROSPECTUS and Chile books 1996-2011.

    It is a fact.

    Undeniable fact.

    So much of a fact that Barrick is mum.

    Peter!!! come and get it boy, where did you tell Silver Wheaton that Pascua was located at?

    Barrick is in deep - deep murky doodo.

    the ad point is that they know it for years, yet they connaived against their own shareholders as they did connaive against the price of Gold.

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    • And who started this web page?

    • Perhaps and perhaps not. That is the question.

    • my_name_is_dick_fcking_cheney my_name_is_dick_fcking_cheney May 24, 2011 9:12 PM Flag

      I've almost got my Photoshoped claim papers done ... was thinking about shopping them to MWR for $400,000 per year... which is just under half of what Jorge charges.

    • perhaps ABX has really not been telling the truth for many years when it comes to Chile because I have read every excuse in the book as to the delays on building that mine so maybe ABX does not indeed own what they have been telling the world about and maybe the MWR halt has to do with ABX tanking perhaps if an announcement is made regarding ABX never had ownership of Mina Pascua

      Perhaps there will even been prison terms for the lot of the insiders of ABX for lying if indeed they did but none the less, the truth will come but when who knows there must be alot of information to go through including maps and disagreements about disagreements and the like

    • To the conned bonafide investors that think that Barrick is building PASCUA LAMA

      Barrick has designed a 2011 in accordance to SILVER WHEATON 2010 Annual Report, away from PASCUA CHILE and LAMA in Argentina... why?

      PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL properties are not Barrick Gold Corporation asset in Chilñe at 2011, not, as shown in Barrick Gold Corporation paid for public flawed or intentionally fraudulently released public information.

      Such is the case for Mina Pascua Chile

      That is the case for the Silver Wheaton flawed fraud

      That is the true regarding BARRICK GOLD CORPORATION teamming up with STOCKWATCH to defraud ABX sharehpolders and MWER shareholders.

      Anyone suggesting that Barrick is even close to MINA PASCUA CHILE better go to www . minapascuachile . com

    • MWR is halted so that it can try to get JL to enter into a written agreement providing security for the advances he has already received.

      What will be the incentive for JL to sign over interest in his claim to MWR as security for the advances? If he signs such an agreement, all he accomplishes is admitting that the advances were loans and not gifts. If he does not sign the agreement, he has no legal obligation to repay the advances. If he signs the agreements, he sets himself up for the loss of his claims to MWR as the company has proven itself litigious, plus he puts any future advances under the whim of the exchange. Whereas, if he signs no agreement, he walks away with over $900k and his claims, which he can shop to someone else.

      (I offer no opinion on the worth or validity of said claims.)

      IMO, I see no reason why JL would sign any agreement with MWR.

    • my_name_is_dick_fcking_cheney my_name_is_dick_fcking_cheney May 24, 2011 3:35 AM Flag

      Well, Jorge has been able to make it into $928,000 worth of donations from MWR in one year without a written agreement..... things went so well for Jorge in fact, that I might even get myself a copy of Photoshop and create my own Photoshoped Pascu title and shop it to MWR for only $400,000 a year.

    • I've read the documents on and this Pascua Lama issue is real and happening.

      Watch MWR (TSX VENTURE). MWR is halted due to TSX policy 5.2 section 5.6. They look to be in negotiations with Mr Lopehandia over Mina Pascua which MWR stated represents 85% of the Pascua Lama ore body.

      We got to wait and see how this plays out but the issue is a big one due to the fact ABX has never reported the loss these claims.

    • The only thing MWR has from Mr. Jorge is air which some believe once resonated to the sounds of "we have a verbal agreement to agree". Mr. Jorge puts nothing in writing. Its about trust homie. Jorges word is good. So good in fact the BCSC had to halt MWR trading and warn them to not buy any more hot air from Jorge. Nothing. Nada. No matter who good it sounds.

      And foreskin, I do wish you would get that free 4 week trial at Barrons and let Andrew Bary know just how wrong his positive outlook for Barricks was. You will have a friend for life I'm sure when you let Andrew and the boys on Wall Street into your most amazing secrets.

      You have to get the word out to a wider audience. Given that the world didn't end yesterday as predicted, there are no doubt many on Wall Street looking for the next visionary. And you my friend, can be that Wall Street luminary.

      Go foreskin go :)

    • All titles 2011 in Mr. Jorge Lopehandia{s name are matters of record to MWR.

      All titles Mina Pascua 2010 are matters of record to SILVER WHEATON who decided to fraud its shareholders to qualify for stolen price Silver.

      BCSC has copy of them

      you may want to ask them or be ready next week to see them at www . minapascuachile . com

      Do not be a nervious Nelly...

      However do realize that your ABX investment is 100% at risk

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