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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics May 27, 2011 9:59 AM Flag

    Flash news! ABX{s Pascua LAMA 0 far from LAM & PASCUA, why?

    Barrick Gold Corporation has played too many crooked cards against MINA PASCUA ownership and the country Chile.

    However the crude criminal approach to deceive Barrick{s own shareholders like kurzedjohn there, knows no limits of decency or transparency with the public's purse.

    Not only did Barrick lie in publishing a flawed PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL as if such garbage gives them surface rights.

    It does not. In fact, all surface rights belong primarily to the owner of mineral concessions, that is Mr. Jorge Lopehandia.

    Hence, it is for sure now, that Barrick has only a fraud of mammooth proprtions at MINA PASACUA Chile.

    Barrick lied that Gold was under the Glaciers, is like saying that New York USA is North of Montreal Canada.

    Barrick has lied so much to SEC - MWR - shareholders - investors via STOCKWATCH 2011 that such very press lies, shall be used by CRIMINAL TRIAL in Chile to nail down ANDY LLOYD - STOCKWATCH - BARRICK et al, at criminal law.

    Barrick defaced and like is used to do with its own doctored SEC financial filings and pseudo material facts, 1996-2011, the crooked ABX top mamangement, instructed its teams to DOCTOR THE CHILE ARGENTINA BORDER. To suit ABX's fraud.

    Why Peter Munk?

    Why Barrick is trying to collect acsh to pillage 7 Billion out of ABX to pay themselves commissions, perks, bonuses for a Copper EQUINOX deal, when immediately after Barrick entered Copper big time, Copper went down 25% in value?

    Barrick manipulating dowen Gold prices... a non miner, paper shuffler criminal fraud Stock.

    Silver Wheaton top insiders, will enjoin Barric's top executives at Criminal Trials in Chile, yes or yes.

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    • The only one being deceived is you. You are deranged. What you are doing is criminal,finding someone guilty before the final word is spoken and no,as far as I can see,the final word has not been spoken until MWR is allowed to trade and Jorge has produced title for all the world to see . This means by selling his so called land .

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