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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Jun 30, 2011 12:37 PM Flag


    your advise sounds like an "easy way out"...

    It is like ... remember the masacres by the Romans or Caligula? then... ignore Hitler.

    Your proposition is herein summarily rejected as ... "give the crooks a brake"...

    it is futile, ABX has to face the music and own up to their fraud buy exiting world markets like ENRON did

    I do not want to meddle in your private motives for having a double standard, however, I take npotice that you call yourself a male, yet show a girl picture...

    no comments needed...

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    • Is it true that ABX would loose about 13.6% of it's share price value (as of June 29) as reported in the GoldminerPulse Reort on ABX..if they lost this claim in court?


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      • What court are you suggesting ABX would fight these claims in?

        From what is being reported by Mr Lopehandia and Mountain West Resources, ABX lost the claims already and as such have been filing fraudulent documents to the SEC and Exchanges. Considering MWR is involved through the TSX and the TSX and regulators are reviewing documents with respect to MWR’s option agreement with Mina Pascua we’ll all see soon enough as to what’s going on with this issue. Meanwhile ABX is not saying anything publicly while MWR and Mr Lopehandia continue to push their agenda, which speaks volumes. It is a requirement for companies on the TSX to respond to others who say things which are material to another company’s property. It would not surprise me that Mr Lopehandia is trying to indict ABX by using MWR and the exchanges as a launching point for his own lawsuit.

        ABX shareholders should be more concerned with the repercussions of this Pascua Lama mess if fraud by ABX executives is found. Fraud and lawsuits go hand in hand, ABX shareholders could lose more than a mine if fraud is found IMO. I’m not sure who would be willing to stick around as an ABX shareholder during such an uncertain time. Losing 13% seems quite low, guess we’ll see what happens.

    • Bringing sex as an issue Pascua foreskin? You got mad at me when I made a sex joke about you and now you draw the sex card? What a piece of human garbage you are. Not for the gender referance but because you are two faced.

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