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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Jul 6, 2011 12:12 PM Flag

    Who owns Mina Pascua - Report by Expert

    Thanks voodoo for the legally rich material.

    At the website minapascuachile . com, such material is in Spanish mostly.

    Now for sure some of the incredulous people, will start to wonder why Barrick spends $700 per Gold ounce elsewhere, keeping Pascua Gold buried, a $40/oz...

    ... "due to low gold prices!"

    You see how the lies piled up to the point of non sustainability?

    See how fast one can debunk any reply these crooks attempt to give as lame excuses to purpote to own Pascua?

    ABX"S PASCUA MINE PROSPECTUS has been defaced in more ways than one, what is clear though, dated, is that Barrick paid 1.7 Billion to LAC for Salts & Nitrates claims.

    Shame of PONZI SCHEEME assault of ABX's investors purse.

    Some of you may even be the perfect gullable fools, defending the undefendible, Barrick owns Pascua.

    If Barrick lied in Court to save their butts, of course they would lie to shareholders too.

    From this crystal ball, Barrick is going to have to eat crow by the mountain load, very soon now, in multiple jurisdictions.

    Game over peter Munk, is you & Maddof together in the slammer, for scammer.

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    • Your welcome, hope it helps the think minded on here who just go about there day not asking questions.

      Everyone can cross reference the claims from ABX's SEC Form 6-K Technical Report on the Pascua-Lama Project report here:

      Barrick includes these claims:

      Page 146
      No 70
      LOS AMARILLOS 1 AL 3000

      Page 154
      No 185
      TESORO UNO 1 AL 30

      Page 154
      No 191
      TESORO DOCE 1 AL 5

      AMARILLOS 1 to 3000 is the big problem for ABX. TESORO ONE 1-30 and TESORO TWELVE 1-5 are also a problem.

      AMARILLOS NORTE - AMARILLOS SUR are in the name of Mr. Jorge Rodrigo Lopehandia Cortes

      TESOROS ONE 1-30 to TESOROS TWELVE 1-5 are in the name of Mr. Jorge Rodrigo Lopehandia Cortes

      Everyone should read MWR's March 2nd News Release at SEDAR (it's the 620k PDF):

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      • Voodoo,
        Great job providing the information you did. I know it is already public but so often we quickly forget about the past and fixate on the present, or hope for the future. Nevertheless, it is always important to remember the past, or be reminded of it, so-as to clarify and crystalize our thoughts, especially when the naysayers come calling. Reading your posts has renewed my enthusiasm for MWRs prospects and it seems only a matter of time until ABX is proven to be at fault at Pascua.

        While I, personally, have no wish to see investors hurt, I do demand that the regulators do their job properly now, one they have seemingly failed at doing for many years in this case, and bring those involved at ABX to justice, while enabling MWR and Jorge to move forward expeditiously and prosper.

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