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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Jul 12, 2011 2:43 PM Flag

    ABX & SLW trade patterns identical? mmm fraud? design? hankypanky?

    Of course... now I have it, SLW did a pseudo alibi for Barrick at Pascua Silver purchase...

    better read this... ABX'S BOD, reps, scouts at these boards (no ABX "smoke screen clowns" like kurzhedjohjn, my name is not or benja will be taken seriously this time around)

    Just people with a real contribution are acceptable readable points to be replied to:

    SLW / ABX will be grilled at Chile's Criminal Trials Re PASCUA bogus SILVER transaction.

    One has to feel sorry for people who get taken to the cleaners under a false pretense of gloat.

    These are the ones that see the up trend and shall be enticed to realize margins only designed for others.

    Why would anyone bet on a company that calls a stolen asset, their second largest asset like SLW does at PASCUA fraud or their largest asset as Barrick does at ABX if title is not there to back such up at 2011 - another BRE-X? YES, 100%

    Why did Kurt Bernardi Silver Wheaton's top lawyer, bury the info he and departed CEO knew prior to regarding Barrick's ilegitimate Mina Pascua Chile title then & now? Patrick Garver who fled ABX negotiated that & insider traded (Pascua owner clients) Sutton, Homestake, Placer hostile takeovers.

    Why did insiders did in shareholders and investors alike, buying Chile's Silver with Argentina title areas depictions?

    A grave, grave fraud has been entered as part of SLW - ABX Annual Reports.

    Count SLW's purported second largest book asset, namely MINA PASCUA CHILE, as LAMA is an invention of Barrick in the Argentine boonies...

    discounted from SLW books, PE, sh/p, projection or equal.

    hear that? Pascua the rich Gold Silver Copper asset in Chile, ought to be immediately forwith discounted from SLW flawed & doctored SEC TSX books. There is no Pascua = PASCUA LAMA FRAUD!

    LAMA is but a minute altered area in the Argentine boonies 1100 kilometers away from somewhere or better yet closer only to nowhere.

    Barrick even moved the actual location of the permitted areas, so is now confined in criminal trespassing of Chilean protocols.

    Get ready for the biggest spanking against the financial terrorism network of Peter Munk - Brian Mulroney and their arms dealers friends.

    The "legal libel a way to obstruct justice gang"

    The villains that marred the life and name of Mina pascua owner's family 1996-2011.
    Only to have their fraud be exposed at SEC books for all to see 2011, hanged up in public!

    At this point, in the opinion of the writer, Barrick has gone beyond just angering (justifiably so) Mina Pascua owner, associates, friends, supporters, ABX by publishing its fraudulent information that TESOROS & AMARILLOS 1-3000 back up PASCUA LAMA, has entered an overt CRIMINAL CONTRAVENTION OF CHILEAN LAW.

    Hence, my call is that Mr. Lopehandia has now gone to second plane in my investigative reporting.

    Watch now for the Judicial powers of Chile to enter the fray against Barrick's wanton campaign of misinformation and disinformation.

    There is no MISSION ACCOMPLISHED at Pascua liar Peter Munk.

    Titles 2011 to PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL mining properties of page 8, TESOROS UNO 1-30 through to TESOROS DOCE 1-5 and clean 2011 titles to AMARILLOS 1-3000 Salts concessions of LAC MINERALS 1994 at 2011 in the name of BARRICK GOLD CORPORATION shall do.

    Also a certification that AMARILLOS 1-3000 at 2004 the year of PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL were indeed allowed to back a metallic project exploitation. (Salts & Nitrates are not) see?

    TESOROS - AMRILLOS titles, a tip for you crook, see what they look like in real life at www . minapascuachile . com

    There is ample material facts that are fraud now at SLW and ABX's Annual filings to SEC and TSX, enough to indict the parties.

    Finally their DNA has spilled to their SEC Filings where there shall be NO RETURN to trade.

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