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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Jul 15, 2011 2:07 PM Flag

    ABX doctored 2010 Annual Report to SEC-TSX

    Included as PASCUA LAMA stolen assets and non binding assets.

    ABX purpotes to own PASCUA LAMA via MINERA NEVADA S.A. inherited from LAC MINERALS MINERA NEVADA LIMITADA incorporated by ABX later.

    ABX bought MINERA NEVADA S.A. from LAC MINERALS a US1.7 Billion, Salts & Nitrates titles blunder, as these concessions can not back up a minerals project.

    When it comes to their 2010 Annual report filed TESOROS concessions, Barrick is even more in criminal fraud of title fabrication.

    No contract even if private, is valid in Chile unless registered within 5 years. From 2001 to date TESOROS are unimpeached on title to mr. Lopehandia's to date valid injunction.

    Surveyors are right, on title mr. lopehandia only and not Barrick is the sole holder at 2011.

    The question is why in these Boards ABX - SLW, attacks are against MWR-Lopehandia?

    When in fact what is due is halting barrick until it proves that its largest historical Gold Silver Copper mine in portfolio, is indeed theirs?

    Barrick is herein challenged to either provide title, perfect title as per Chilean Law to TESOROS - AMARILLOS 1-3000 as Gold claims and concessions from SERNAGEOMIN Chile 2011, valid to BARRICK GOLD CORPORATION, on titles issued by MINING REGISTRAR - Conservador de Minas de Vallenar and or Alto del Carmen, Chile.

    As shown at www . minapascuachile . com the official format of Chile, in the name of Jorge Lopehandia.

    We have on that website clearly the legal up to date at 2011 and Barrick is no where to be found in the boonies.

    What kind of chaisterism is barrick going to produce as retort?

    They tried STOCKWATCH-ANDY LLOYD and ended up backtracking with more ridiculous lies.

    Now they are silent, as it appears that any thing they say, may actually be used against them at a Court of law.

    Is that it?

    Too late Barrick, ABX included TESOROS at their 2011 SEC Filings and that is the poison that killed Romeo darlings!

    Welcome to the HADES....

    ABX has poison at its financials, crooked auditors of WORLDCOMM allowed ABX to thrive in crime.... what a shame to democracy or mockery these crooks made of it.

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