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  • quer50 quer50 Aug 5, 2011 3:45 PM Flag

    ABX Pascua PONZI= TSX-MWR confronted @ Pascua mine Chile

    So with all the jibber, jabber going back and forth, and mwr down 20% today, when do you believe a news release confirming the so called claims will be forth coming from someone in the know as to, what is what, and does Barrick really own, what a few have been saying, it doesn't

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    • Well, if the new extention is 45 days from when the agreement was authorized by TSX June 24th I would think that there will be another BIG announcement coming out that ABX does not own Pascau Lama but rather MWR does.
      If this is the case there will be insiders at ABX in hot water with the authorities for sure and you will also notice that for years ABX has always put Pascau Lama in their quarterly reports and annual reports as their LARGEST asset in the world, but since Feb 2011 I believe, they have not said anything about Chile but rather just the Argentine Side of the mine so me thinks they are back peddling and have run out of room for more lies and wouldn't be surprised that ABX somehow comes out to say OH, we made a mistake 14 years ago and we actually never owned the mine, it was a mistake from our subsiduary but lets just wait and see what happens, if something like this pans out you will see ABX tank and lawsuites from investors to ABX for FRAUD over this

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