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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Aug 5, 2011 11:52 PM Flag

    ABX Pascua PONZI= TSX-MWR confronted @ Pascua mine Chile

    little experience?

    extensions = demise or trouble?

    perhaps in the case of BARRICK GOLD CORPORATION you are 100% right...

    They have been extending MINA PASCUA into production from 1997, then contracted to open 2000

    They failed misserable and promised or extended the production date for 2003 or when Gold reached US300/oz

    They failed misserably

    extended to 2006

    failed again and extended to 2008

    failed again and called it 2009 for sure

    extended again to 2012 now extended again to 2013 ....

    and in the case of BARRICK GOLD - SILVER WHEATON Pascua Silver contract, production was extended to 2015...

    You are right... now I can understand why the word EXTENDED 45 DAYS at MWR Pascua owners deal... almost gave you the right to call extensions TROUBLE!!!

    Any ways you are right...

    You have the disastrous experience of BARRICK GOLD CORPORATION extending MINA PASCUA Gold production from 1994-2015...

    hence your stance...

    In my busness experience a healthy extension in consensus always brought about 100% fulfillment of the obligations by the agreeing parties...

    In the case of BARRICK GOLD CORPORATION - MINA PASCUA PONZI SCHEEME, the extensions were shovelled by force unilaterally by ABX down its shareholders throats and up their butts 1994-2011...

    only to find out that what Barrick Gold Corporation - ABX publishes at last as PASCUA LAMA, is a bunch of BOGUS TIOTLES to which Chile itself shall deny fresh 2011 title to BARRICK GOLD CORPORATION'S name.

    next time you try to find error in someone, please look at your own mammooth PASCUA PONZI SCHEEME 1994-2015

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