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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Sep 29, 2011 8:43 AM Flag

    ABX hides from SEC criminal Pascua title loss 1996-2011

    ABX lost the salt concessions for which it paid LAC MINERALS 1.7 Billion, as early as 1996.

    Yet Barrick carried the international MINA PASCUA PROSPECTUS unchanged at SEC 1996-2001. Never was LAMA VELADERO SYNERGIES or PASCUA VELADERO never PASCUA LAMA. Argentine areas were at hands of Mr. Lopehandia´s clients prior to, on record ABX.

    Unable to deliver Gold at LAC MINERALS 1978-1994 salts & nitrates concessions, ABX resorted to sponsor self claim jumping of Lopehandia´s areas protecting MINA PASCUA at 1996 via 8600 hectares, to date, the same areas landed by MWR on record.
    ABX lawyer jumped, never legally transferred, never registered at law, currently under Jorge Lopehandia´s injunction, the TESOROS concessions in ABX 2011 Annual SEC Report, thus a PONZI SCHEEME

    To date since 1996 Barrick Gold Corporation has spent millions trying to buy friendly press and to obtain illegally, court decisions against Mina Pascua owner, on title at 2011, Mr. Jorge Lopehandia. The same person Barrick sued illegally in Canada.

    After millions spent in legal wranglings, 1.7 Billion in salts concessions

    ABX had to devolve to DEUTSCHEBANK AG Gold sold at USD429 per Troy oz at USD1000 per oz, title less at Pascua

    ABX spent tens of milliuons in bribes in Chile to get water rights over areas Barrick lacks title to exploit Gold

    ABX has tanked with Gold up and has manipulated down the price of Gold in concert with certain Central Banks as admitted under oath by ABX defense at the BLANCHERD case.

    ABX has depleted value from shareholders thanks to dirty audits protected inhouse, via a nightmare of over 50 tax paradise corps.

    total loss to shareholders are USD Billions in not produced Gold Silver and Copper from 2000 onwards, as permitted to in Chile and, as contracted by ABX to JPMORGAN GOLDMAN & SACHS SOLOMON BROTHERS MERRIL LYNCH 1997

    ABX has lost tens of Billions USD title less unable to open MINA PASCUA CHILE.

    BARRICK GOLD CORPORATION never made it to title and never legally contracted with MINA PASCUA owner, Barrick preferred theft, bullying and financial terrorism.

    Barrick sued Lopehandia to date with lies at Canadian Courts, Barrick owned PASCUA LAMA with titles held then and now by Jorge Lopehandia, never, BARRICK GOLD CORPORATION as lied by ABX et al.

    If MWR makes it to contract or to title for the mere price of 2000 oz of Gold, then MWR would have achieved for its shareholders, something that Barrick has not been able via cheating, theft, misapropriation, illegal impersonation, illegal suing for libel, false filings at SEC - TSE - TSX - NYSE 1996 to date regarding its PROSPECTUS MINA PASCUA CHILE 1994-2001.

    Barrick had to effect predatory acts to land the rights to lie, con and defraud the world over MINA PASCUA, yet it hides that today it faces CRIMINAL TRIAL in Chile, Civil actions in Chile via subsidiaries that are ZERO - ZILCH % of possibility to win at PASCUA.

    Barrick hides like ENRON - BRE-X, WORLDCOMM, funny its auditors are the ones that brought us WORLDCOMM.

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    • I believe with the lack of info from MWR that this is a pie in the sky dream, good luck MWR holders as you may be in for nothing much the same as the last 20 YRS.

    • If you do not own this stock, why are you posting this dribble, doing the lords work, i think not.

    • I'm glad pascuaforensics believes he knows everything about doing gold deals, totally in the open and full-disclosure. His pattern of VERBAL OPTION AGREEMENT is the best in the industry, even better than ABX.

      ABX and Jorge Cortes need to peacefully settle before the general public figures out how "business" is done in Chile by Canadian entities like Mountain-West Resources, Inc and ABX (LAC Minerals).

      When Billionaire Alan Bond acquired St. Joe American (American Stock Exchange) and then went public on the NYSE (Bond International Gold), LAC Minerals established "case law" with the Canadian Supreme Court about stealing mining claims from others after they acquired Bond International Gold. I was in Sydney, Australia in August, 2010 after being on Vancouver Monday Noon Brown Bagger Radio (Co-Op) with Reg Argue talking about Jorge and ABX in Chile and secret deals.

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