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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Dec 4, 2011 4:07 PM Flag

    MINA PASCUA PROSPECTUS 1994-2011 abx!

    The actual bought, funded and permited Project in Chile, was, originally, MINA PASCUA CHILE.

    Thus registered worldwide on Public, Bank, SEC -OSC - SEDAR - EDGARD records 1994-2011.

    It is a criminal offence to alter, doctor, deface or lie in a public company's PROSPECTUS if it is filed with SEC - OSC.

    Without telling the public that Barrick lost Chile's Gold containing lands over MINA PASCUA as early as 1995-1996.

    Thus, rendering LAC'S 1994 salt & nitrates land positions imperfect at Chilean Mining Code, earlier than Lopehandia's (Villar) AMARILLOS SUR of 1996.

    To "correct their failed SEC - MINA PASCUA 1994-1996 PROSPECTUS" to be (that was) funded April 17th, m1997 by JPM _ GS + USD$500MM...

    Barrick Chile stole Lopehandia's 1996 "all concessionable substances concessions - paying 30 times more than Peter Munk's SALTED MINA PASCUA - however protecting the right to mine Gold, Silver & Copper.

    Barrick Chile ushered in... its Attorney HECTOR UNDA LLANOS and its president John W Lill (as public record has it) who had negotiated PASCUA with LOPEHANDIA 1996 as representative in Chile of BARRICK GOLD CORPORATION OF CANADA, to defraud VILLAR of 8600 hectares AMARILLOS SUR - AMRILLOS NORTE for USD20 equivalent.

    The $20 dollars - (10,000 Chile pesos) paid for 8600 hectares of MINA PASCUA at the center of BARRICK GOLD CORPORATION'S MINA PASCUA PONZI SCHEEME, is the criminal act that ABX has been hiding from its SEC - OSC filed MATERIAL FACTS 1996-2011.

    Peter MUNK afetr COOPERS & LYBRAND did not want to sign off the audit 1996-1997 (MINA PIERINA, PERU - MINA PASCUA MINE CHILE thefts period), got a "FINANCIAL TERRORISM BAILOUT" from PRICE-WATERHOUSE...

    PWC the new elite financial terrorism auditors, cooked the SEC books as if there was no tomorrow or other human beings alive in the surface of PLANET EARTH.

    These antisocials must be morfs of some kind or heartless alien race of despicable breed.

    They have no soul, only a cest for magalomaniac image building via "giving away other people's wealth", eh Peter Munk?

    Hospital PSEUDO donor of robbed Millions while keeping Pascua miners starving 17 years of PONZI SCHEEMING as MINA PASCUA PROSPECTUS?

    Lill, Canadian; engaged LOPEHANDIA, Canadian, via BARRICK CHILE / BARRICK FGOLD CORPORATION - ABX, (LAC v. CORONA Legal jurisprucdence applies to both Canadian citizens)

    Peter Munk, you antisocial skunk, better face off with whomever is the Seller to MWR at RCMP -IMET Vancouver, MINA PASCUA PROSPECTUS (LAC 1994 titles at hand) namely AMARILLOS 1-3000 ownership to you or BARRICK GOLD CORPORATION - ABX as criminally filed to OSC-SEC.

    If you failed at AMARILLOS 1-3000 a 100-1 yes!

    Summon manhood and bring TESOROS UNO 1-30 through to TESOROS 1-5 as filed 2011 you crook!

    My crystal ball sees some very upset MM's and shareholders actually confronting Munk and finding out the geezer is BERN MADDOF THE SECOND

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    • You must have the boring repeat button on your puter, got anything new for us or still the same old same old??

      • 1 Reply to quer53
      • Likewise pal, likewise.

        Your side indulges in committing the crimes, denying, ignoring the facts and then blaming someone for being consistent at pointing out the criminal filings of ABX.


        A true issue that shall not go away, not even if you think is too consistent of an issue and you would like to hear something different.

        perhaps you ought to be reminded that:

        a) ABX cheated and stole PIIERINA MINE its largest Peru asset.

        b) ABX chated in TANZANIA paying for less and shortly after buying, doubling the resource's size...

        c) ABX stole (public record by Steve Davis has it) BULLFROG APEX

        d) ABX stole, together with (Steve Davis calls him Mr. Barrick) from MWR - GOLDSTRIKE USA area concessions and business.

        e) ABX has huge problems at Shoshone land in USA

        f) ABX has huge problems with COWAL area natives in Australia.

        g) ABX et al desecrated DIAGUITA NATIVE LAND in Chile, as to "appear to be extending MINA PASCUA HOLDINGS" from lost areas with the ORE BODY...

        to moose & burro pasture in the Chiulean Argentine border boonies...

        Peter Munk, you criminally oriente terrorist of the financial markets.

        Better summon up some manhood and give the face, no donations to Hospitals count as clearing your name from:


        USD40 Gold ounce production cost + Silver (that pays for the mine) + Copper credits.

        "Closed due to low Gold prices"...

        Peter Munk, you are hereby indicted to the MINERS HALL OF SHAME - direct to jail price is yours, no jail cards are outlawed 4U

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