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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Dec 6, 2011 10:56 AM Flag

    ABX facing a one way HALT @ world exchanges

    There shall be no return to trade privileges BARRICK GOLD CORPORATION

    You have tampered with SEC filings and ABX books for over one decade of continued crime, t5heft, mponey laundering, stock exchange fraud, filing criminally doctored court applications, the lot.

    BARRICK GOLD CORPORATION committed court fraud in Canada when suing MINA PASCUA owner Barrick title less @ Pascua then and now.

    BARRICK never owned its largest cash asset in Gold Silver & Copper worldwide. Criminal impewrsonators of wealth and minerals in Chile.

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    • I guess Pasulefolly is the judge and jury when it comes to Barrick. LOL!

    • PF, do you have any timeframes for your rant, I am thinking there could be trouble with ABX, however, I have seen nothing except your posts so is there any proof of this other then your typed misspelled words or is this dreamland that will never develope into anything as with everything you have posted I have not seen one piece of concrete eveidence from JL or MWR so what is the hold up and when should the public see something

      • 1 Reply to island_looker
      • Dear Island

        All systems are go worldwide to shutdown and halt ABX"S Pascua crimes.

        Peter Munk and Barrick have NO ESCAPATORY

        First meeting with RCMP they stand to be arrested for fraud.

        First meeting to law enforce at SEC shall end in halting to trade or exit from exchanges due to fraud.

        Unless, we live in a world whereat CRIME is the menu of the day, whereat RECULATORS at SEC and OSC are there to defend crime from its issuers and to make sure the public gets robbed...

        Then ABX may have luck and may find other news publications that shall carry their criminal version of MINA PASCUA - z.k.a. PASCUA LAMA PONZI SCHEEME.

        In Chile is all but sealed.

        Barrick faces never disclosed as MATERIAL FACT

        Criminal Trial 2002 to 2011 (re opened 2010)

        Civil Trial + Injunction valid 2001 - 2011

        Constitutional wranglings that shall eliminate PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL as a public deed.

        In Canada and USA the dragnet is closing in.

        Keep asking the criminals to file material facts

        Not for me to disclose Mina Pascua ownership's legal strategies.

        We only get legal info after the facts are law.

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