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  • ctwilms ctwilms Dec 21, 2011 1:57 AM Flag


    Barrick has a strong and heathly track record of launching suits. MWR has made very strong statements in News Releases and has labeled Barrick as fraudulent regarding Pascua Lama/Mina Pascua...where is the law suit? Below is Barrick's track record to date.

    1. Barrick v Lopendia 2004– Barrick won libel case
    2. Barrick v Blanchard 2005 – Barrick won libel case
    3. Barrick v Alain Deneault, Delphine Abadie and William Sacher and Les Editions Ecosociete Inc.
    b. “On August 12, 2011, the Quebec Superior Court ruled that “Barrick seems to be trying to intimidate authors” and that such conduct was “apparently abusive.”

    The actions that led to the court’s conclusion include: Barrick’s threatening a lawsuit prior to having read the book; seeking $6 million in damages (far above the $25,000 previously awarded); and, requests for lengthy pre-trial examinations.”
    4. Barrick v Talon Books 2010
    a. In February 2010 lawyers for Barrick Gold threatened to sue the Canadian publisher Talonbooks for defamation if it proceeded with plans to publish the book Imperial Canada Inc.: Legal Haven of Choice for the World's Mining Industries by Alain Deneault.[103] Publisher Karl Siegler described this as "libel chill," pointing out that since the book had not yet been published, Barrick Gold could not know whether or not its contents actually constituted defamation.[104] Subsequently, Talon decided to publish the work and ‘issued a statement saying they "intend to show the complete manuscript to Barrick prior to the book’s release, to allow Barrick the opportunity to ‘correct’ any ‘falsehoods’ about how they conduct their business affairs, world-wide, that they feel it may contain

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    • my_name_is_dick_fcking_cheney my_name_is_dick_fcking_cheney Dec 21, 2011 10:52 PM Flag

      MWR doesn't have any more worthwhile using for ... becuase they've given almost all of it away to a slick con-man purporting to have title to a rich mineral property.

    • Have no fear the lawsuits will follow as soon as there is any money to be had

    • It should be interesting, but what's also interesting is ABX didn't sue MWR. Barrick just pushed this issue to the authorities just as MWR already did and dare i say...wanted.

    • I hope that one side effect of the question being in the hands of IMET and the Securities Commission is the frequency of PF's bizarre rants will subside.

      In any event, it should prove quite interesting.

    • So now the real fun begins!

      I can't wait to see this issue out in the open finally.

      Now this is one thing we can both agree on mtstack.

    • You forgot:

      Barrick v. BBC
      Barrick v. THE GUARDIAN
      Barrick v. Greg Palast
      Barrick v. Amnesty
      Barrick v. Blanchard
      Peter Munk v. City Bank
      Brian Mulroney v. RCMP and taxpayers of Canada (Where ABX got its prime directives to do it)

      These LIBEL LAWSUIT CRIMINAL CROOKS are mum now and on th run...

      Mulroney sued for libel even though he later admiitted crying before HOUSE OF COMMONS OF CANADA he was guilty as sought by RCNP.

      That tainted money has now tainted ABX at PASCUA theft.

      MWR is so close to bringing down ABX that Barrick has been advised to RUN!!!!!!!!!

      Do not answer ABX.... shall be worse than what ANDY LLOYD fumbled via STOCKWATCH early on 2011

      They are one away from JAIL...

      Peter Munk the skunk, caught by the smell of his troussers to be full of it....


      Criminally robbing at every world exchange DAILY now!!!!

    • For just what do you suggest that Barrick sue MWR?

      Issuing press releases without benefit of spell and grammar check?

      Being ignorant that property rights in Chile aren't conferred via press release in Canada?

      Misunderstanding the meaning of certain words?

      • 1 Reply to mtstack2000
      • My understanding is Barrick can't sue because they don't own Pascua Lama titles to Amarellos 1-3000 and Tesoro 1 to 12.

        The only argument the pro ABX side seem to make against DD is "spelling errors". LOL

        From MWR June 6 2011 News Release:

        Barrick in its March 29, 2011 letter threatened to sue Mountain-West for defamation. MountainWest retained a very well known Vancouver lawyer specializing in the law of defamation. Many weeks ago that defamation lawyer made written requests that Barrick provide: (a) a map setting out the deposit and the mining claims of Lopehandia and Barrick; and (b) copies of all of the Chile judgments. Barrick has not provided the requested map nor has Barrick provided copies of all of the Chile judgments to Mountain-West or its legal counsel. On the other hand, Lopehandia has provided maps allegedly prepared by some Chile Government officials. Mountain-West needs to conduct further due diligence.

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