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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Jan 3, 2012 11:33 PM Flag

    Fiestywifey legal owner of Mina Paccua Lama

    Fiesty wife is...

    Cracking up! like Peter Munk + ABX 2012

    Unable to muster a direct link to MINA PASCUA no resorts to libel again.

    Hey Lucy...

    Are you out for the night?

    Or will go back to the head hole soon?

    Which Mina Pascua are you talking about?

    Barrick's fake one?


    are those yours Fiesty?

    Please respond...

    be cute with the wanting public...

    After all, you seem to be the harlot of the ABX going South... movie...

    Chile as a country, does not aspire to such high Royalty against miners that invest USD Billions...

    is your toe nails paint too expensive? velvet tampax perhaps with Gold twine?

    you have to be kidding feisty...

    you come accross like Lucy ABX... lies, lies, lies, financial terrorism and fraud to the public.


    Which claims or concessions in your opinion, do grant you fiestyharlot, MINA PASCUA rights?

    Me think that the only loonie you get is "head hole's lucy+"
    the animated version of LDS attacks becoming LSD (as in: Looser Steve Davis)

    The Judge at Supreme Court of Chile, did not award a thing, not yet liar Lucy...

    Supreme Court, sent Appeal of ABX - in accordance to Barrick 2011 DEVOLVING PASCUA TO BARRICK 2-007"... to death! get that? D E A T H of ABX'S 2007 Appeal.

    Liars, liars, liars them and STOCKWATCH crap.

    So SUPREME COURT sent matters back to Civil Court 2010

    Thereat, BARRICK'S BOY hector Unda Llanos lied again and said... TESOROS IS MINE NOT BARRICK'S...

    I have nothing to do with BARRICK or MINERA NEVADA... the liar, his ex employers on Court record from the Lopehandia's legal team evidence...

    So, 2010 TESOROS ... "goes to HECTOR UNDA LLANOS" in Judgment.... VICTORY CLAIMED BARRICK...

    wait a second you scammers....

    HECTOR UNDA LLANOS is not BARRICK he said that in the JUDGMENT 2010.

    The Judge said BAD BARRICK (MINERA NEVADA) bad guys, how dare... MINA PASCUA (TESOROS) is property of HECTOR UNDA LLANOS (in a nut shell) 2010.

    Guess what?

    TESOROS is seized at law from HECTOR UNDA LLANOS 2001 to date 2012 by JORGE LOPEHANDIA.

    The person BARRICK libeled 2011 at law in Canadian Courts with criminal affidavits and the same person Barrick criminally libeled again December 21, 2011 the day ABX died at law worldwide.

    Now is time to bury them and preparations are under way.

    In Chile, AMARILLOS 1-3000 the only PASCUA PROSPECTUS to ABX is dead to BARRICK and never was.

    Get ready for exemplary spanking of peter Punk and crew, by the Chilean miners that have served themselves to ABX's fortunes for once and for all.

    It is definitive, Barrick's throat has been self sliced and is gushing, done by insiders december 21st, 2011.

    Done by insiders in crime and fraud.

    Only to be able to get their Christmas cheque and bonus for the last time of their lives from ABX.

    Wifey, already got her 2011 task given, eh Lucy?

    Peter has his insurmountable task 2012.

    make good in his 2011 fraud.

    Never Peter Punk skunk...

    You are as of now...

    a toss from all markets worldwide.

    Asking for the citizen's arrest of Peter Munk

    For fleecing old pensioners of Canada and USA

    ABX is fleecing war veterans of their pension and placing it at 100% risk coward antipatriotic lame criminal traitor.

    ABX shall pay dearly for taht.

    ABX is fleecing miners worldwide and has committed acts of GENOCIDE alongside ALEJANDRO MORENO PROHENS named against Lopehandia in the Canada libel lawsuit by ABX'S criminals.

    Such rotted apple, shall bring Barrick only demise in Chile.

    So fiesty...

    You got paid today to post?

    There is your loose change from 2011

    Spend that "political capital" if you will...

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