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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Jan 6, 2012 3:36 PM Flag

    ABX insiders criminally conned their shareholders

    Now they have laughable clowns tying to tarnish the image of Mina Pascua ownership?

    You guys insist that the moon never sets at ABX's horizon, "elitist owls"?

    Get ready for a blinding sunshine of the truth and mighty forces of a legal Tsunami 10+ the kind Barrick never sought possible for their PASCUA PONZI SCHEEME.

    Each ID of your computers, is recommended to law enforcement to be retained for Court confrontation of "truth or crime".

    Cities of Commerce, you sound like "legions" @ Lucy's head hole condo.

    Steve Davis, re you and your multiple personalities, speaking for the "cities of commerce" themselves? or you have been appointed by all inhabitants solidly behind you, Lucy?

    Interesting that Barrick is sending goons, instead of real Corporate crooks or cowards to defend their racket.

    ABX has to make good on its 2011 criminal filings 2012.

    Unable to do so, IS ON THE RUN!!!!!

    Tossing smoke grenades at MWR and hiding.

    SUE you cowards @ ABX.

    Sue you libel and lawsuit trigger happy criminal cowards at ABX.

    See if you stand one chance of touching Pascua in Chile. None!

    Look for (two eyes blue and bloodied) ABX, to get broken all ribs + broken teeth shortly now...
    with a legal spanking the kind I have never seeing before...

    Following closely at events, my crystal ball sees tremendous legal action happening against ABX at many worldwide circles at once.

    No credibility, no ownership of its flag asset.

    ABX built to chaist SEC - OSC - Banks - The public & crumble to pieces after in$ider$ ca$hed in....

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