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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Jan 14, 2012 7:53 PM Flag

    MWR 2012 = a "material fact" to ABX'S 2011 PASCUA PONZI PROSPECTUS

    MWR has politely and lightly called Barrick's market activities fraudulent. If MWR has as ally and they say they do, the owner of Mina Pascua as per then "fraudulent is applicable to ABX"

    “Fraud has a very specific legal definition. It doesn't just mean that something is merely wrong or misstated. One criterium of legal fraud is materiality. The value of unimproved claims on which no resources have been reported are not material to Barrick's financial statements, so there is no fraud.”

    Barrick can not be itself the judge and jury of what is “material to them”

    a) Barrick makes PASCUA material to swindle Banks, SEC + OSC, shareholders, investors, the markets with 1994-2012 PONZI PROPECTUS SCHEEME.
    b) Barrick makes PASCUA non material, for it lacks title?

    Truly, fraud even in your own hard trying to twist and resist the fact, that if Barrick is title less at PASCUA and peddles its Gold Silver and Copper, such criminal behavior does indeed 1994-2012, constitute a flagrant OSC-SEC and markets FRAUD!

    It is also a fraud to scheme in public as done by Barrick against MWR via STOCKWATCH 2011.

    It is also INTERNET fraud, to be so close to the issue like you mtstack, and to have to be the guy that “defends the non defendable” another Steve Davis.

    Your “non material to Barrick BS is hereby duly rejected”, due to: N/A.

    Barrick committed fraud by not disclosing the 1.7 Billion AMARILLOS 1-3000 salts blunder from LAC 1994-2012.

    Barrick has the un attainable task re AMARILLOS 1-3000:

    a) Show those titles 2012 in Barrick’s name – not impeached at law, by third party, actually, Barrick’s – ABX 2012. Valid and permitted by: SERNAGEOMIN. to mine Gold as per: PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL, December 11, 2004 to date.

    b) The same with AMARILLOS SUR & NORTE of VILLAR, used and abused by ABX 2002 to date in Canadian courts against Mr. Lopehandia, to gag the miner. ABX will have to produce these titles valid to ABX at the time of suing in Canada for libel, Mina Pascua owner, Mr. Lopehandia, or even at this time in their fraud.
    c) Elements of fraud exist in both cases above.
    d) Where the fraud is more evident though, is in TESOROS ownership, there, MWR has Goliath ABX beheaded as per Louvre Museum Pictures of Cravaggio .

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