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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Jan 19, 2012 11:24 AM Flag

    ABX + SLW Chile-Pascua's Silver racket = was exposed to regulators

    Boy were they ever surprised.

    No question went unanswered, record has it.

    ABX was exposed "naked short & wanting MWR's holdings illegally via doctored SEC + OSC filings" 2011 + 2012 before the same senior market & compliance regulator(s).

    It is not a matter of IF ABX shall be taking to task, is just a matter of delivery of the "complete pPASCUA PONZI PROPSPECTUS of ABX+SLW dozier in my view, before ABX is forced to either HALT TRADE or LEAVE exchanges worldwide.

    Securities Regulators have evidence of ABX+SLW Pascua Silver fraud now

    The regulators in Canada I am told, were very surprised that Barrick had been delisted from London Exchange 2007 (This is, shortly after 2006 adverse MINA PASCUA judgment in Chile - quite the coincidence).

    Did Barrick ever tell that to the North American public as "material fact C-1912-2001 injunction or London Exchange delisting?"?

    Or does ABX only decides what is material or not, so they can keep robbing the public?

    Did Barrick show Chile titles to SLW to sell it Chile's Pascua Silver? No! in accordance to SRK.

    So then, why the teransaction ABX - SLW? (insiders cash + perks+ stock + Options + commissions+ offshore hanky panky - ability of both sides to rig trades thereafter with their blocks of shares and Options +)

    TO give an alibi to ABX before EXCHANGES + BANKSTERS in order to achieve that ABX "padded SLW books with stolen PASCUA PONZI PROSPECTUS SILVER" to make PASCUA the second largest CRIMINALLY HELD NEVER WAS asset, in SLW's criminally doctored books.

    SLW is peddling stolen ABX Silver, title less in Chile.

    Like selling USA assets with Mexican maps SLW.

    ABX + SLW have incurred in SERIOUS SECURITIES VIOLATIONS + PROSPECTUS VIOLATIONS (Criminal Code) + theft of shareholders cash and investments at ABX + SLW.


    SLW + ABX have formed a RACKET to peddle stolen assets via OSC + TSX and SEC via NYSE+, to see if they can rob cash, peddling MINA PASCUA PONZI PROSPECTUS a.k.a
    Gold under the Glaciers
    VELADERO - LAMA synergies
    PASCUA VELADERO synergies

    Pascua "criminally filed as SLW's second largest asset"

    Pascua a USD40 Gold oz, closed DUE TO LOW GOLD PRICES... or is that the truth SLW? too bad its insider fled with Barrick's insiders PATRICK GARVER + VINCENT BORG shortly after the swindling to ABX + SLW., on public record.

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