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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Jan 24, 2012 12:35 PM Flag

    ABX sells daily RICO Silver + Gold + Copper= MAFIA of illegal trades

    Barrick operates like the MAFIA.

    Intimidation, threats, entrapment in Court with false witnesses, abuse of privilege.

    Violence, cooking of the books, deception, flashiness, circling the elite, revered for their flaunted wealth.

    Barrick trading RICO daily in USA.

    Shares sales, Options sales, mail fraud advertisement, mail and wire fraud press releases, pumping and dumping.

    Very serious garbage has been sold as Gold by Barrick to SEC + OSC, AS IF!

    When MWR + Lopehandia say the truth, BARRICK publishes criminal libel to defend their past crimes?.

    These people know no boundaries of decency, honesty, transparency or ethics.

    Pillage, defraud, plant misinformation, disseminate disinformation, keep trading crime, omission of crucial material facts to blind SEC + OSC + MM's + traders, to keep insider trading for gain, AS IF.


    Barrick's SEC + OSC filings regarding Chile, are a crime.

    Barrick's lawsuit against Mr. Lopehandia in Canada, is a crime.

    Barrick's fight v. MWR + LOPEHANDIA is a crime.

    Barrick's tradings daily, are a crime.

    Barrick's Pascua Silver sales to SLW are a crime.

    Barrick's Pascua Gold sales to Deutsche bank AG are a crime.

    Barrick's allowed ROYALTY sales of PASCUA are a crime, they sold SALTS & NITRATES concessions AS IF Gold to silly Buyer.

    Criminal doctoring of very applicable material facts:

    Civil Injunction over MINA PASCUA ore body (LAC 1994 areas), 2001 - 2012.

    Criminal Trials 2002 reopened 2012 to date in Chile re MINA PASCUA.

    Delisted from London Exchange in silence or it went right by me. May 2007, until re-appearing as BGA.

    Criminally filing TESOROS as owned 2011.

    Criminally claimed ownership of TESOROS an innuendo + libel over Mr. Lopehandia over TESOROS titles December 21, 2011.

    Defeated by:


    Bern Maddof left less DNA than Peter Munk has, over the BOGUS RICO DAYLY TRADES of MINA PASCUA PONZI PROSPECTUS.

    Peter Munk, you coward, Brian Mulroney you coward.

    Did not defend ABX "from libel" this time. Why?

    "you had your chance Sirs".

    Now jail is your only light at the end of your tunnels.

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