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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Jan 26, 2012 11:02 PM Flag

    KANKO is a skunk-o Like Peter Munk-o

    Research indicates that Steve Davis is a financial terrorist.

    Trying to pry himself as a wedge, in any transaction he "hears of".

    Whereas Barrick fakes title, Steve Davis is a fake himself.

    Steve Davis as far as I can see on public record, is against LDS 2002, claiming PASCUA LAWYERS were broke 2002-2006.

    Actual fact has it, 2002 Barrick was criminally charge as done til this day in Chile, all of the, at the top called to Criminal Court 2012 in Chile.

    Actual fact has it broke lawyers of Lopehandia were so good in 2006 favorable Judgment was obtained.

    So good that Appeal 2007 of Barrick was nailed by SUPREME COURT of Chile 2008 Judgment.

    Barrick lied 2011 to have recovered PASCUA on Appeals 2007.

    So KANKO the skanko Steve Davis says he as feistywife morfed creep, owns Pascua?

    You are a fool Steve.

    KANKO is abut a skunko like Peter Munko criminally inventing TESOROS ownership for Barrick.

    Aaron Regent promising Pascua 2013? what a lie.

    Bad year to pick Barrick, bad year for PASCUA PONZI SCHEEME, you have done it again liars.

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    • From my perspective you run hatred. Seems Peter Munk has divorced himself from you? Even a relentless guy like your self knows you are totally lost and gone. Your actions on this board for your issue if you "EVER HAD ONE" Borders on the absurd pathetic. Hey loopey admit it you lost. They have more dollars then you you will ever have to palm the golden hands. Lets face it you were stupid and they were smarter than you. Admit it you were just brain dead and stupid. Now you want to blame them because you made a stupid mistake when you signed on the dotted line and all you want is all reversed? First of all courts don't reverse their decision with out a massive fight with irrefutable evidence. U know you are going down clown. It's your life. As horrible as it is. Your mind is totally bent on hate. Lies and destruction. fighting a war to the death than ended a long time ago. Certified moron. Get out of your bunker and see the light and smell the air.

    • You are a sick and diseased mind that is begging for help. Seek it. Admit it you are a disgruntled loser. Venting on this board won't change a thing and you know it loser. Look at ABX in the last day or so. You are wasting your time and you spend lots of it bashing ABX.

    • pascuaforensic and Jorge/Villar had to steal confidential information from LAC Minerals AFTER ABX acquired the failing company to do some claim jumping back in 1995-6 while Kanco Stockholders were in legal battle against ABX at the Nye County, Nevada BULLFROG MINE.

      The following information was given to Jorge Lopehandia in Vancouver, Canada in 2002 based on a Civil Rico complaint by Kanco SHs:

      The Kanco Mining Claims (Golden Eagle, Golden Age, and ACE) were all under the ownership through Kelly Minerals, Inc. (a 1978 Nevada Corporation) with title clear and paid in full. Kanco SHs claimed title and joined with Mike Fitzgerald in receiving a royalty income while the ABX Bullfrog operated from July, 1989 to 2003.

      So why did St. Joe Gold (bought by Alan Bond/Bond International Gold/LAC Minerals, ABX) sign a 20 year lease in 1988 with the partners to Mike Fitzgerald (Roger Jeppson/Reno attorney; H. B. Layne Contractors, Inc., Herbert E. Fyffe, Richard Lundgren, Lee Crouch) one year before Henry Ranspot and Mike Fitzgerald sued Barrick Goldstrike on the SJ Claims (MM&S Exploration/ATLAS Corporation/Kerr-McGee) next to Newmont Mining Carlin Trend mining claims/mill-site - all properties disclosed to Mike Fitzgerald between 1965-69 by myself through the Magma Copper Mine at San Manuel, Arizona where we owned the town drug store?

      To circumvent for personal and financial gain --- just like what Jorge and associates did with the LAC Minerals data (already owned by ABX).

      Jorge Lopehandia can't come to the US. Why? He's a con-artists and is using MWR as his "front".

      The MWR AGM tomorrow, in a few hours, will be very interesting based on the Press Release just given by Brent Johnson.

      Securities Fraud has been earned by MWR through their secret agreements with Jorge Lopehandia.

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      • If it was "so clear" what happened then Steve?

        You lost Bull Frog and now own Pascua? lol lol lol lol

        Your story is so murky one has to wash it with served waters to clean it up eh?

        You mix pears with apples to assert that the orange looks like a watermelon because the fig tree was caught yielding grapes.

        gibberish is clarity compared to your mambo jumbo Steve Davis.

        You are a sorry soar loser.

        Steve Davis is only a: "witness to the Fitzgerald file, on the bad guys side".

        "heard of Pascua" and thinks he owns it because some people bashed his JUPITER SIZED EGO at Ihub.

        should you get the Taj mahal too, for fiestywife for your pain and suffering you crook?

        Was it Bull Frog or Bull S&%$t? Steve?

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