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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Feb 1, 2012 10:56 AM Flag

    ABX = no contest v. Lopehandia + MWR @ PASCUA SEC + OSC fraud by ABX

    Call IRS
    Call RCMP + IMET
    Call Scotland Yard
    Call SEC
    Call the world

    Barrick is 100% naked short at PASCUA mining property this very second!

    No one in Chile shall give fresh 2012 title to ABX at AMARILLOS 1-3000 as Gold exploitation claims by

    No one will issue fresh title to Barrick at TESOROS as lied and filed to SEC + OSC, 2012 in Chile.


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    • pascuaforensics (Jorge Lopehandia) is desparate for attention......but only on iHub and Y ABX. Why is this? Because Jorge Lopehandia wants to convince MWR/Brent Johnson that he will save the world from Peter Munk.

      It is very well documented the SIZE OF LAND MASS ABX has in the El Indio Gold Belt since ABX acquired all the assets of LAC Minerals.

      What has Jorge Lopehandia done to prove up any gold and silver values at the Mina Pascua property? ZERO. The El Indio Gold Belt is a microscopic/invisible gold operation. This technology was developed at the Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, commencing back in 1968 when the BYU gave a loan to MM&S Exploration to develop the process, when gold had been only worth $35/ounce since the 1930s. After the BYU developed the Heap-Leach Process at the Carlin Trend (Newmont/MM&S Joint venture) by 1974, LAC Minerals hire Mike Fitzgerald (Mr Barrick USA) in 1974 to go and steal property at the Carlin Trend. The rest of the story has MWR (Cobre Exploration) totally involved because Fitzgerald created this Canadian company in 1971 while working for Donaldson Securities, Vancouver, BC as their geologist. He learned all the stock manipulation since 1970 and that why he joint venture with LAC Minerals in 1974!

      MWR has Zero claim in the US.

      MWR has to pay Jorge another $3 Million in 2012, or has NOTHING.

      ALL THE CHEERLEADERS with pascuaforensics have zero chance == except the ranting of Jorge Lopehandia on iHub (MWR) and Y ABX.

      There exist SECURITIES FRAUD for both ABX (Fitzgerald in the US) and MWR (Brent Johnson in Canada). Both entities will be thoroughly investigated by and US and Canadian Securities and Exchange Commissions.

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