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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Feb 17, 2012 12:54 PM Flag

    Need Pascua's physical Gold, Silver, Copper? = Trade MWR not ABX 2012.

    The game is very well over for ABX, 100% regardless of the March Court culling of AMARILLOS 1-3000 of LAC.

    That was only a well hidden double fault at law of ABx.

    In Chile there are no RETROACTIVE acts that count.

    Not unless registered ownership is in title, Barrick had no business of impersonating MINA PASCUA of Jorge Lopehandia in their highly illegal and contemtuous, PASCUA LAMA PONZI PROSPECTUS & SCHEEME 1994-2015.

    The dance of the billions raised and no cash spent for production of a USD40 Gold ounce cost at PASCUA, "due t o low Gold prices".

    Pathetic psychopathic liars.

    MWR has ABX mum, frozen, PASCUA less and on the run.

    Why ABX "files a complaint v. MWR" and NOT clean 2012 title to PASCUA LAMA with TSX and RCMP - IMET, to "end the farce of MWR @ Pascua"?

    Because ABX is a cesspool of financial terrorists - anti establishment marauders and thugs.

    Clandestine ex - smooth operators.

    Your political capital has been over spent.

    You are all going to jail 2012.

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    • Got to love these brain dead idiots. enough said? Me think so.

    • You don't say...

    • voodoo needs attention, just pascuaforensics/Jorge Lopehandia needs to rant. He's been doing it for so long, voodoo, wants the encourage him.....

      The Catholic Church in Chile go very jealous about the success of the Mormon Missionaries, converting many their "members". The leaders got caught.

      Oh yeah, the leaders in Salt Lake City got caught, too.

      I guess "kings" in any religion can fall and be very prideful and very human (greed/power)

    • Wow, that is a story Steve. Good luck with your mormon stuff, hope you get em.

    • Mountain-West Resources, Inc. is a Canadian Public company (1974). It has never generated any money from gold mining (Oklahoma gas wells since 70s).

      Until MWR pays the invoice of $1.8 Billion to Jorge Lopehandia group (Villar, Cris Lopehandia, etc) MWR has no standing against ABX, anywhere, especially in Canada. Recently MWR changed their name = Mountaingold Star, Inc. WOW, not impressed

      pascuaforensics just exposed himself and his hatred against me. Jorge posted the following comment on iHub about his liability, under contract with me: "Jorge Chilean partners are your enemies for 3 decades"?

      So I responded, as an American Mormon:

      Chile is one of South America's most stable and prosperous nations, thanks to President Nixon lifting the gold value in the United States of America in 1971 and causing American mining companies to come to Chile and invest. In 2006, copper exports reached a historical high of US $33.3 billion. Chile's overall trade profile has traditionally been dependent upon copper exports. The state-owned firm CODELCO is the world's largest copper-producing company, with recorded copper reserves of 200 years.

      Tucson, AZ St. Joe Gold (Fluor Corporation) created the El Indio Gold Mine, the first gold mine in Chile in 1979. St. Joe Gold honored Mormon geologist Clyde Davis for getting President Nixon to do what he did. How much gold is produced in Chile today?

      When I met Jorge Lopehandia back in 2002 in Vancouver, I knew he hated me and non-Catholic Americans because of our ability to succeed. Church and state are officially separate in Chile. The 1999 law on religion prohibits religious discrimination. However, the Catholic Church enjoys a privileged status and occasionally receives preferential treatment. 70% of Chileans are Catholics, but Mormons are expanding because of the exposure of the Catholic Church bombing Mormon chapels between 1987-1993 (surveillance cameras caught the whole acts at several chapels). This exposure was under the direction of Clyde Davis and CIA Mormons

      Chilean Races: White (59%), Mestizo (25%), Amerindian (8%)

    • You have the time to bring up statements made by Barrick and try to pass it on as fact, but when faced with fact that supports the other side you run mtstack.

      MWR is attacking. MWR says they have all the fact which support their claim of Barrick fraud. MWR has been abused by ABX and MWR is pursuing justice. According to Mr Lopehandia, he has also been abused by ABX.

      As reported by MWR, ABX is facing court action in Chile this March. As reported by MWR, Barrick is facing a RCMP IMET fraud investigation. Reported though expert technical reports Amarillo 1-3000 is non metallic claims and not for mining gold. Tesoros has been injunctioned as of 2001 and is not in the name of Barrick or Barrick's subsidiaries. Both Amarillo 1-3000 and Tesoros cover the ore body of Pascua, Chile. In multiple expert 3rd party Technical Reports by experts for the Chile courts, they all say Mr Lopehandia and his Amarillo Sur and Amarillo Nor are valid and cover Amarillo 1-3000 and Tesoros and the Pascua ore body.

      I find it hard to believe mtstack ignores the facts and will only listen to Barricks info. Heck, even Silver Wheaton through SRK 43-101 never saw titles to the chile side of Pascua Lama, just opinion supplied from Barrick.

      You can run from the facts mtstack, it doesnt matter to MWR or Mr Lophandia as they are obviously going through the process it takes to remove Barricks fraudulent grip in the North America exchanges regarding Pascua Lama.

      Should be interesting.

    • Very soon is going to cross above $52/- so don't miss this milk cow.

    • I neither have the time nor feel it would be worth my while to write a detailed rebuttal to the disinformation in your last post. I have found it is futile to argue with True Believers®.

      However, I agree with one of your statements. It is MWR who is attacking. Not Barrick. I believe that MWR has attack prematurely and unwisely. "It is a tale. Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury. Signifying nothing."

      We shall need to wait upon the outcome of the investigation to see who is correct.

    • Ah yes, mtstack. Barrick intimidates with threats of lawsuits and is abusive in order to get what they want, this was stated from a judge in Canada.

      MWR said "screw you Barrick" way back in March 2010 when ABX sent the same intimidating and threatening letter to MWR saying ABX will sue. That was a year ago, If MWR had nothing they would have allowed barricks threats to get to them and backed away. MWR management isn’t backing away and has been more forceful with their facts every month all the while ABX isn’t suing or had contacted the authorities. Why didn’t ABX report MWR to the RCMP IMET a year ago, or 8 month ago or 5 months ago? The fact is, It was MWR who published a news release saying they and Mr Lopehandia reported ABX to the RCMP IMET prior to Barrick’s Dec news release. It’s MWR who is not backing away, It’s MWR who’s attacking, It’s MWR who’s reporting that Barrick’s having to face court action in Chile this March. All Barrick is doing is relying on baseless abusive intimidation.

      ABX is abusive, just like what they do to Authors, Publishers, and Translators with the ongoing issue over books and freedom of speech in Canada, ABX is trying to do the same abusive intimidation to MWR. You said you’re for freedom of speech mtstack but you defend Barricks position of the book issue by siding with Barricks statements all the while not listening to the fact from the other side, seems similar again to the MWR-ABX issue.

    • Ah no, it wasn't the same. MWR had already published its, according to Barrick, libelous statements when it received notice from Barrick. I'm at a loss to understand how one can intimidate someone not to publish something *after* it is published.

      Many vocal MWR stockholders seem to think that since Barrick has not initiated legal proceedings that they have no case. That is not necessarily true. Barrick can proceed with a lawsuit for libel concerning this incident up until the time that the statute of limitation runs out. If I were Barrick, I also would wait until the RCMP investigation produced results. Then if the results happen to be in Barrick's favor, the lawsuit would be a slam dunk. Why leave the verdict for libel up to the vagaries of a jury if the RCMP will testify that Barrick is correct in their facts.

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