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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Mar 3, 2012 5:31 PM Flag

    ABX= Steve Davis MO? yes = how so? = read

    lawsuit happy Barrick = Lawsuit happy Steve Davis

    Steve what happened to your last lawsuit date Feb>? Lost again and dismissed as usual? Thought so. lol lol lol

    Now you want to invent another lawsuit.

    You have a skin thicker than a crocodile's back Steve Davis and Barrick insiders.

    Title is purchased and paid for not "suing for rights you do not or never owned BARRICK + STEVE DAVIS fools"

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    • The Monday, February 27, 2012 Court Hearing in Tucson, AZ was a great victory for myself. I have thirty days to amend the complaint, more exact. It will happen.

      In MWR litigations, the lawsuits are DISMISSED.

      A great victory with great attorneys == not like the ones Brent Johnson hires (promising secret stock, like what he offered back in July, 2011 to the current MWR law firm in Tucson - Udall).

      pascuafool/Jorge should have attended the hearing and discovered how powerful the truth is being released and received in the US Courts.

      Ha Ha Ha Ha, pascuafool, Vic Erickson resigned as a MWR Board Member because he didn't want to do business with Jorge and the Brent Johnson Securities Fraudsters.

      Bravo for the US Court System.

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      • Steve Davis victories are like Barrick's 2007 Pascua back on Appeals.

        Barrick published that 2011.

        However 2008, SUPREME COURT OF CHILE slapped that Appeal out of registrar records, finished off.

        Why did Barrick via STOCKWATCH rely on that?

        Is like Steve Davis's dead dad, the one who shot him on the head, "issuing shares to Mr. Lopehandia, so Steve could own Pascua".

        Shares are suspended to Mr. Lopehandia who word has it never received such invitation or shares from Clyde Davis.

        Steve name dropper LUCIFER agent v. LDS Church, wants perverted justice, perverted and manipulated courts and financial markets.

        In order to help himself and to help Barrick AS IF he had some wacko case to make via the insane claims he makes, only similar to in "delirious of grandeur" to ABX fraud: ABX own PASCUA as filed at SEC via TESOROS concessions in Chile.

        Steve Davis insane claims to "try to own Pascua via KANKO" the SKUNK-O

        Is as much of a criminal impersonation lie, as Barrick delivering one Gold ounce, one Silver ounce from its pseudo MINA PASCUA CHILE PROSPECTUS 1994-2012.

        ,barrick unable to deliver title or GOld and Silver on its Pascua:

        Options, Gold certificates, bonds, Private Agreements, derivatives, forward sales, hedges, "creative financing, creative collateral, insurance binders, re insurance binders, Gold convertible bonds, cash convertible bonds, shares and warrants convertible bonds, Private Funds paper, Mutual fund, special Bank paper, ETF obligations, COMEX obligations.

        Re: Its largest Gold + Silver + Copper mine.

        Steve Davis is a worthless coward - criminal internet financial terrorist, his boat has more holes than a sifter and keeps "floating to the surface in outhouse creams"

        You do not represent the country of USA Steve Davis, I know USA to have far more decent people, than you.

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