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  • yankee1steve yankee1steve Mar 23, 2012 10:12 AM Flag

    Listen up all shorts

    Hey John Dap aka Melodias I don;t think u get your $40/sh again. You know why? I tell you why. Did all of you see what mr. Sprott did? He wrote a letter to all the miners not to sell their metal cheap when the price of PM is being suppress by the big banksters. This is indeed good news and bullish for mining stocks. Now, the battle will heat up. Also, I have a strong feeling that the Fed will definitely have to do QE3
    because of the deflationary stage all over the world. The world currency is being debased. They all take turn to shoot to go to the bottom. So, what is the price of Gold vs $$$$$$$$? U be the judge.

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    • Miners usually do not necessary follow gold prices , ABX is a great example , I still wait for 40 or lower.

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      • From every measure followers of these things and you are not one of them agrees Miners don't get any cheaper than they are today. Miners are a buck at $50 cents. Thanks for the buy signal from you world class shorts. Got any more buy signals from China? Melodias?

      • You Johndap don't necessarily follow gold since you have been calling for the teens in ABX and never covered. Same with Nova Gold NG. Ok Newmont to. Lets face fact Jorge is a total relentless loser. Got to be hard to be Pasucla noforensics. Aka no links just mindless spam. Lets watch Pascula Lama open up. See this mindless twerp SQUIRM in his own proven stupidity. When ABX profits go through the roof. Which is a given not when. LOL! Pascula Lama is the key and Jorge can't stop it. Dap cant's stop it and Melodias can't stop it. It's a a no link affair for these moronic clowns. ABX is so cheap it has to go higher. He who holds the gold rules. Shorts who want to bet against it better have a very short stop loss. LOL!

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